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Charged EV | Easelink Offers Automatic Billing to Austrian eTaxis

Easelink provides automatic billing for Austrian eTaxis

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The cities of Vienna and Graz in Austria are gradually migrating to eTaxis. After 2025, only taxis with no emissions will be allowed in the country. A new project in two cities will test a system that enables automatic charging at taxi stands.

The eTaxi Austria project will retrofit a total of 10 taxi stands and 66 vehicles. Easelink matrix charging Automatic conductive charging technology for the next two years. The vehicle is equipped with a connector on the underbody that connects to the charging plate at the taxi stand at the push of a button, automatically charging the taxi without the driver leaving the vehicle.

According to Easelink, its Matrix Charging system eliminates bulky charging stations and cables, allowing the charging infrastructure to be deployed in a dense city center without the need for additional space. You can heat or cool your vehicle at the taxi stand without reducing the distance, improving driver and customer comfort. Another advantage: Taxi can easily move up the line at the taxi stand without plugging and unplugging cables.

BgmE-Taxi 14.09.2021

The two EV models used in the project support charging at 11 kVAC. Matrix charging then supports up to 22 kVAC and 100 kW DC at 800 volts.

“As an automaker-independent technology, Matrix Charging can already be retrofitted to most electric vehicles on the market today,” said Hermann Stockinger, founder and CEO of Easelink. “The charging pads in the parking space are sturdy and maintenance-free and can be installed in both public spaces and private garages.”

“Automation of charging at the stands is essential for the electrification of taxi fleets,” said Paul Gredler Oxenbauer, Group Manager for Charging Solutions at Wien Energie, the utility that operates 1,900 charging stations in Austria. “This can only be achieved with robust charging technology that can be flash integrated into the road and can be barrier-free. Matrix charging meets these requirements and provides high efficiency through conductive connections. The decentralized design of the infrastructure and the long connection times between vehicles and charging points enable the integration of grid services into the city’s power grid. “

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