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Changes in leadership in Automotive News

Automotive News Announced retirement, hiring and promotion as publisher KC Crain on Monday Keep changing shape His management team.


•• Dave Vertical, 66, have decided to retire. Versical joined the treatise as a journalist in 1986 and has played several leading roles over the years.These days he Editor in chargeOversees flagship weekly newspapers and affiliates Fixed Ops Journal, Automotive News Canada And Automotive News TV. He will leave at the end of the year.

•• Chris Sea Taylor I am joining a new position as Vice President of Editing. She oversees all aspects of the news room and gives specific authority. Automotive News A true digital media organization.

Taylor, 43, has spent the last three and a half years Editor-in-chief of Chicago Tribune..In that role she evolved Tribune News management focused on content practices that promote digital subscriptions and engage newspaper journalism.

Prior to joining the Tribune in 2018, Taylor spent 14 years in Tribune Publishing. Hartford CourantThere she became Vice President of Digital Publishing. She is a 2000 graduate of the University of Michigan.She will join Automotive News October 18th.

• Jamie Butters has been appointed Editor-in-Chief. 52-year-old butter appeared in the treatise as follows Chief Content Officer After spending 10 years on Bloomberg News, in 2018 his role included a US transport team leader.While continuing to lead Automotive News, Butters plays a bigger role as the exterior of the brand and conveys his expertise to a larger audience at industry events.Hello Normal columnist not only, Automotive News “Daily Drive” Podcast.. Changes in leadership in Automotive News

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