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CarScoops reader saves Copart Civic Type-R and she puts it back on the road

In early July, we Honda Civic Type R, seemingly no damage Apart from the lack of seats and wheels for the Copart auction. Now one of our readers has contacted her that she bought a car and put it back on the road.

Living electrician, Tara Brothers In MinnesotaShe said she bought a car with the help of a friend who works at a dealership and reported that it was in very good condition, as the photo suggests.

“It actually works,” she told us. “There are some scratches and scratches on the flare, but otherwise it seems to be in pretty good condition.”

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She didn’t get accurate information about what happened Civic, She said she was convinced it was an insurance job.

“I’ve seen it before and it looks exactly like that. It’s just about the right amount to ensure that insurance sums it up, down to stolen parts. It was the easiest and most expensive, “she suggested. “I call me crazy, but no one is having a hard time stealing a real car thief. Type R Do not take the engine, especially as the engine behaves like a top. “

After getting it From many of Copart, The car got new wheels and seats from the Civic Type R, which became a race car. The brakes had to be fixed because the car was sitting on the disc, which required little work.

Now the only question is what to do with her current car, 1999 Acura Integra She bought it from her mother. Brothers admits that her mother, who now owns the Toyota GT86, put her in the car. Brothers’ mother, who likes to work in her car, got her help in the garage as soon as she could get the tools.

She wants to put the Integra on the street, but with that Civic Type R Even if she makes a lot of money with her new car, it could be more than she can afford.

When everything is said and done, she thinks she will be well ahead of where she would not have been. For just $ 19,200 in the car, she expects to pay about $ 26,000 in taxes and have it on the road.Overview of a similar Vintage Civic Type R In Minneapolis We’ve found prices to range from $ 35,000 to $ 40,000, but of course there are no such salvage titles.

However, for now, the main focus is to get a VIN inspection and title in Minnesota so that you can jump out into California and drive a new car. Civic Type R I’ll be back home later this month for something that will definitely be an enviable road trip.

 CarScoops reader saves Copart Civic Type-R and she puts it back on the road

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