Carlyle Group Acquires Dainese for € 630 Million

After shopping for 3 yearsInvestcorp has finally sold the Dainese Group brand, and the Carlyle Group (American private equity company) is reported to have acquired an Italian apparel maker for € 630 million.

That number represents almost five times the return from € 130 million spent by Investcorp The venture became very beneficial to the Bahraini company when it purchased 80% of Dainese SpA from its founder Lino Dainese in 2014.

According to that Press releaseInvestcorp doubled Dainese’s sales while owned by the brand, with annual revenues of around € 250 million. Dainese also bought the Italian boot maker TCX at the same timeAdd to your inventory, which already contains the AGV Helmet brand.

“When we invested in Dainese six years ago, founder Lino Dainese said he wanted a partner who shared his passion and ambitions for the company,” said Investcorp Co-Chief Executive Officer. One Hazem Ben-Gacem says.

“We are pleased to know that Investcorp was a partner in Dainese because, under our leadership, we have driven EBITDA’s growth more than five times and built a business suitable for continued success. am.”

“We continue our mission to support outstanding Italian brands on our journey to become a world leader. Gucci, Liverboat and Dainese are honored to partner and support us. It’s just one of the best of Italy that I think. Its mission continues at Investcorp. “

The Carlyle Group’s move is interesting. The American company is the second largest private equity group in the world, with $ 276 billion in assets under management.

The Carlyle Group says it plans to focus on growth in the United States and China by expanding Dainese’s distribution network and perhaps adding other brands to the group.

It is not clear whether Dainese CEO Cristiano Silei will continue his role.

This new investment from The Carlyle Group will certainly heat things up as Dainese and Alpinestars compete for supremacy in the airbag safety apparel market. This is a good sign for motorcyclists.

sauce: Investcorp Carlyle Group Acquires Dainese for € 630 Million

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