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CarGurus Launches “Instant Transactions” Offers in Three States After CarOffer Acquisition

100% launch of car shopping site CarGurus Online Instant Cash Offer For consumers to sell their car.

This offer will be offered after CarGurus in the midst of an industry-wide inventory shortage. Acquired a 51% stake in the wholesale trading platform Car Offer in January..

CarGurus’ Instant Max Cash Offer with CarOffer allows consumers to sell their cars 100% online and pick up their cars wherever they choose.

The service has not been piloted and will initially be available in Texas, Florida and Massachusetts.

CarGurus’ service plans arose from customers’ continued interest in digital retail options, but also due to the current surge in demand and the lack of used car inventories in the United States.

“We are trying to meet the industry’s most difficult challenges in 30 years. Dealers are trying to access inventory. This is the worst ever.” CarGurusCOO Samzareth Said Automotive News.. “Our idea is, what’s the biggest problem with procuring inventory by listening to customers? And for them, it’s not just about procuring inventory in the wholesale arena, but what I’ve seen. No way to access your own inventory. Is it before or first on the market? “

Consumers can sell their car at By entering that information and receiving offers from dealers throughout the CarGurus and CarOffer networks. When the consumer chooses the highest bid, the vehicle will be picked up. The seller will be paid after a quick inspection of the vehicle.

Zales makes instant bidding more attractive to consumers, CarGurus has tools Helps promote more business in the company..

“It creates an immediate transaction for that consumer,” Zales said. “The differences are: You can go to a dealer and say,” How much is your price? ” Instead, the beauty of this system is that thousands of dealers set prices there. The consumer wins, the dealer wins. “

“This is good for both sides, which is rare for our industry,” he added. CarGurus Launches “Instant Transactions” Offers in Three States After CarOffer Acquisition

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