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Can’t get a real Ford Bronco?Maybe your child can

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If you were one of the affected people Ford Fumbling rollout of Bronco, You may still be able to get it in time for Christmas. It’s just uh, a bit small.child Tracks, A company specializing in battery-powered passenger cars for children (right. Kids. -Ed), Debuted in pint size Ford Bronco Based on the 6th generation rig.

The car boasts many features that are modeled after the real thing.For example, you can remove the doors and roof for an outdoor driving experience (hopefully the latter doesn’t) Many problems As a full-fledged counterpart of them). At the front, there is a well-lit LED that recreates Bronco’s sideways unicycle headlights. Realism continues into the cockpit, with precisely duplicated steering wheels controlling the front wheels.

The car is driven by 12 volts battery It can be charged through a hidden port behind the fuel door. The maximum forward speed can be set by the parent to 2.5 or 5mph, but the reverse gear is maximum at 2.5mph. To aid in traction, plastic molded tires even have a working suspension and rubber strips.

Internally, the Bronco is a two-seater from 3 to 7 years old, as long as it weighs less than 130 pounds in total. The dashboard also has a USB plug for MP3 players in case small kids want to lock out to their songs. Or listen to the horn and engine sound effects. Overall, it looks like a good time for up-and-coming Bronco fans.

So far, it seems that only one toy is offered colour, Area 51. Despite the “Coming Soon” message Kid Tracks website, The car seems to already be Available at Target, An exclusive retailer selling for $ 400.By the way, if your tyke prefers a classic look (or if the four C-notes are a bit too steep), KidTrax also offers a first-generation variation with a 6-volt battery. Available at Walmart $ 149.

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