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CSBK-Pro Superbike-Race 1 Results (Saturday)

In addition, from a press release issued by CSBK / Professional Motorsports Production:

Young survives early battle to win CSBK opener at Grand Bend

Grand Bend, On – In the opening race of the 2022 Canadian Superbike Championship season, a lot of fireworks were launched on Saturday. Ben Young has postponed an early attack to win the Pro Superbike feature opener at the Grand Bend Motorplex.

After handing over pole position to local rookie Trevor Dion on Friday, Young started in the middle of the front row on Van Dolder’s home team BMW, but made his first hole shot at a 20-lap feature event. I made up for it immediately. ..

His early lead was unsafe as Young made the immediate pass attempt from Dion last the second longest and the four-rider pack continued to the midpoint of the race. However, Young’s experience at the Grand Bend Circuit began in the second half. He survived the wrapped traffic, cleared the pursuit pack behind him, and cruised for his sixth Superbike victory.

“I got off to a good start in my life, but I knew Trevor would soon get me back, so I tried to bank in a consistent time and run from a smooth race start to the finish,” Young said. Told. “BMW worked great and fortunately we were able to bring back a big point, but now we all have to work on a few things and start over tomorrow.”

Dion was Young’s biggest challenger early on, but he wasn’t able to maintain his front-line pace in the end because he was suffering from traffic wrapping towards the end. The rookie will eventually give way to defending champion Alex Dumas, who has returned second after choosing a softfront Dunlop tire compared to his rival Supersoft.

“It wasn’t the start we wanted, so we got a little stuck behind these guys at the start and couldn’t get them back right away,” said the Liqui Moly Fast School Suzuki rider. “In the last few laps the tires started to flourish and at the end I ran at a pretty pace, but tomorrow’s Race 2 needs a better start.”

As for Dion, his final third-place finish is already for local rookie, as he overcame gearing troubles to win a fierce podium due to the wave of supporters riding his LDS consulting BMW. Added on sensational weekends.

“It’s really hard to ride a Superbike here, but I’m happy to have the experience and get the podium in the process,” Dion said. “I thought Ben was in the carousel for a while, but he came back soon and didn’t have the pace to stay there. I have some work to do for tomorrow, but it still feels really great. “

One-speed Suzuki rider Trevor Daily struggled in the opening of a few laps, but eventually broke through the grid into the top five, celebrating his 50th career and producing strong results on the podium. Won. Let’s start with the Superbike category.

Completing the Top 5 was another outstanding local player from Stephen Nickerson. He ran with a lead pack early on and challenged Dumas for most of the race.

It was Sebastien Trembray and Samuel Gerin’s Quebec duo who finished with a shy finish to Nickerson. EFC Group BMW Team.

Dion was unable to reach the top step in the feature pro superbike race, but won the day as he won a full of incidents in the Liqui Moly pro sports bike category.

Dion ran second in the early stages behind pole sitter David McKie, but the red flag and subsequent restart caused both McKie and title candidate Will Hornblower to crash early, leaving only Dion. I stayed on his LDS Kawasaki.

“The first start was pretty good, but I knew David had a pace, so I tried to stick with him and take some control of the Dunlop tires,” Dion said. “Then he bowed down to fill the gap when he restarted, but unfortunately both fell behind and he was able to win.”

It was the typical unlucky Elliott Viera who benefited from the crash. Elliott Viera finished second in Snow City Yamaha and rookie Matt Simpson took the podium in his second professional race at Evans Racing. Yamaha machine.

It was Connor Campbell and Loei Rafa who completed the top five in the middleweight division. The former achieved the best professional results at Campbell Roofing Kawasaki, and Rafa struggled to finish fifth in the Fast Company Honda team.

The opening race of the Super Sonic Race School Lightweight Championship was dominated by a rookie Evan Morriality, who was unrivaled by any of his rivals, as he rode a Yamaha machine and cruised for his debut national victory in over 12 seconds.

The gap was narrowed afterwards as young local Bryce Devoa beat veteran Pat Burns in 3rd place and Jacob Black in 4th place, with three Kawasaki riders crossing the line just 0.306 seconds apart. rice field.

Jared Walker won his first race in the new Pro / Am series, won a complete victory in the track and Pro category ahead of Istvan Hidvegi, ruled national lightweight champion Harvey Renaud, and DeBoer was the top amateur in the amateur category. I won the seat.

Mark Labocière will start on Sunday’s only AIM Insurance amateur superbike race pole. After the BMW rider broke through the qualifying with a time of 1: 06.360, he was second only 0.162 seconds behind Julian La Fortune (Kawasaki) from Quebec.

At the top of the amateur sport bike timesheet, the gap is even smaller, the Ontario kitchener pair is only 0.058 seconds apart, Sebastian Hosaza takes Yamaha’s pole position, and Nathan Playford takes second place in Honda. I got it. Canadian Superbike: Race 1 Results from Grand Bend Motorplex-Roadracing World Magazine

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