Canadian border guards vote for strike, warning of supply chain disruption

Thousands of Canadian Border Services Agency officials overwhelmingly voted to approve the strike. This can throw a wrench into ports, cross-border trucking, air freight, and international parcel business.

The strike can occur as early as August 6th in the Canadian Civil Service Alliance and its Customs and Immigration Union. Said on Tuesday.. The union represents approximately 8,500 CBSA employees, including officers working at ports of entry nationwide.

The threat of strikes arises when Canada prepares to reopen its borders for unnecessary travel for the first time since March 2020. The strike is “goods.”

The union said the impact could delay commercial vehicle traffic and affect parcel delivery and tariff collection.

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CBSA personnel in important positions are legally prohibited from striking.But As reported by the American shipperAccording to a federal court ruling, the legal definition of essentials is narrow and does not include customs duties and tax collection.

The Port of Vancouver appears to be particularly vulnerable as it competes with unprecedented levels of container ship traffic. Being Canada’s largest port, the turmoil there can affect the country as a whole and intermodal rail and trucking.

Members haven’t signed a contract since 2018, are seeking wages comparable to other Canadian law enforcement agencies, and are seeking protection against what they claim to be a toxic work culture.

“They kept our borders secure, screened travelers entering Canada and ensured quick customs clearance for vaccine shipments,” said Chris Isleward, National President of the Canadian Public Services Alliance. Said in a statement. “Now it’s time for the government to step up for them in the way they step up for Canadians.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters Tuesday that his government is in talks with the union and wants to reach an agreement.

Trudeau told reporters, “I hope there will be no confusion.”

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