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Canada cultivates CAD 10 million on iHub, Ontario

Canada will invest $ 10 million (US $ 8.2 million) to set up McMaster University’s iHub to support more than 230 SMEs and commercialize new technologies for the automotive and aerospace sectors. ..

Located at McMaster Innovation Park, IHub brings together industry experts to support manufacturers, automobiles, aerospace suppliers and small businesses, and is needed to produce electric vehicles, self-driving cars and energy-efficient intelligent aircraft. Develop, test, and incorporate technology.

IHub connects participants with leading automotive and aerospace manufacturers in need of solutions, expanding opportunities for local suppliers throughout Southern Ontario to integrate into the global supply chain.

The project supports more than 230 SMEs across the car corridor from Windsor to Oshawa, promotes the commercialization of 100 new products or services, supports up to 170 direct employment, and supports Ford, Honda, Bombardier and Stellantis. Lantis, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, De Havilland. IHub also provides direct industry training for at least 200 SMEs looking to join the global aerospace and automotive value chain.

The Government of Canada has strengthened Ontario’s position as a global destination for developing, testing and commercializing hybrid, electric, self-driving and aviation technologies, while at the same time on the road to net zero emissions. Claims to accelerate.

IHub provides access to electrification expertise and resources in Southern Ontario, supports the transition to electrification, and encourages investment in domestic expertise.

“IHub will help position Hamilton as a global destination for electric vehicles and aerospace technology, and will also provide direct industry training to at least 200 talented people, with employees over the next few years. We will be at the forefront of our technology, “said the Minister. Labor, Philomenatassi.

On her side, Mélanie Joly, Minister of Economic Development and Head of Fed Dev Ontario, said:

“IHub brings together key players in the automotive and aerospace sectors to ensure that Ontario SMEs have the opportunity to integrate their solutions into these global supply chains. The transition to electrification in these sectors. It is important to advance to achieve the government’s goal of accelerating the future of Canada’s net zero emissions.

“The work accomplished by iHub will guide us on the right path.” html Canada cultivates CAD 10 million on iHub, Ontario

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