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Can President Biden order the military to be vaccinated against COVID-19?

Anyway, it’s not always hard to imagine a national security justification for mandating vaccination against COVID-19. Hicks and Heiten’s memo frankly state in the first sentence that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has repeatedly declared the virus “the greatest proximity challenge to the security of our country.”

At the same time, given the political aspects of the US pandemic, it is equally difficult to understand how the Biden administration would not bring controversy or potential legal issues to court by making such a decision. is. Mandating the COVID-19 vaccine could be controversial, even after it has been officially approved by the FDA, even before the current pandemic, and even after the U.S. military has faced such problems in the past. I have.

In 1997, the Bill Clinton administration mandated a vaccine against anthrax, which had been approved by the limited FDA, throughout the US military. Congressman, the same as Government Accountability Office Parliamentary guard dog (GAO) then questioned its effectiveness and safety. NS Formal legal injunction In 2004, the military stopped vaccination against anthrax.

FDA Issue EUA He was vaccinated with anthrax vaccine in 2005 and re-approved later that year. The Pentagon regained control in 2006, but with more limitations. Currently, FDA-approved vaccines against both anthrax and smallpox are not universally required by the entire US military.

Biden’s expectation of exempting the military from the new vaccination rules, along with Hicks and Heiten’s notes, gives the Pentagon, at least for now, a non-compulsory incentive rather than mandating an increase in vaccination rates. It has made it clear that it prefers to use it. service. However, there may be increasing calls for repositioning over time, especially if the delta mutant or new strain continues to pose a significant risk to unvaccinated individuals and even to certain people who have fired. ..

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