Can I leave the gauge cluster as is?

don’t follow Teslatook the lead and eliminated Gage Cluster. It might be too late, but I’ll say it anyway.

of Blame it on the cute 2025 Volvo EX30 Because it needs to be said. I really like most things about his EX30 and his cost-conscious approach to luxury EVs. but, volvo I removed the gauge cluster, which is one step too much to reduce costs.

Of course, centrally mounted instruments are nothing new, but Tesla popularized the idea of ​​getting rid of the cluster entirely years ago. model 3 and Model Y. He didn’t like the idea when he first saw it, and his discomfort with driving around a car without clusters was confirmed when he saw it. drove a model 3 first time. There are many reasons, but at the end of the day, it’s important to have the most important information in your direct line of sight. The move to EV allows me to eliminate certain monitoring gauges in the cluster, but basic information like speed, gear position, headlight status, cruise control and range are all what I want in front of me Thing. I don’t want to glance down or to the right to see these things. A valid security claim can be made against such an arrangement, but it is sufficient to include all that information for convenience.

The only excuse for ditching the cluster is whether it will have a comprehensive heads-up display. Do not let polarized sunglasses pass through is standard equipment. Losing all those meters in a gas car is still annoying, but he can live with just the HUD in the car. Electric car If that means lowering the buyer’s cost. That being said, my favorite integration is a small cluster installed on some EVs such as: Ford Mustang Mach E again Volkswagen ID.4. These tiny clusters are smaller and simpler than many of the giant instrument screens on modern cars, but they contain all the information you want at a glance.

Beyond safety and convenience aspects, gauge clusters have a nostalgic side.I just blew the trumpet Revival of retro design in the digital gauge cluster. You can literally do whatever you want when you’re interacting with the screen, which opens up a lot of opportunities. Once OEMs start eliminating them altogether, we won’t be privileged to enjoy old-fashioned (or innovative new) designs.

Finding ways to make cars cheaper in today’s ever-more expensive market is a valiant endeavor, but gauge clusters are one area where we shouldn’t waste a dime. And just to be clear, this is why Tesla and others have removed the gauge cluster along with the other internal controls you would normally expect. It’s not for design purposes or any other reason it could be considered a cover. In the first place, Tesla was not right to go down the road of reducing clusters. Let’s hope this trend doesn’t go any further with his EX30. Can I leave the gauge cluster as is?

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