Call Hobart’s free sidewalk bicycle parking lot

The vast majority of riders who live in or have visited Hobart want to see a free sidewalk parking lot, as is done in Melbourne.

According to preliminary results from an ongoing online survey, 85.5% want free sidewalk parking.

All Australian riders are encouraged to complete Hobart’s motorcycle parking lot, which will run until the end of March 2022.

Click here to complete the survey..

Australian Motorcycle Riders Association I want 1000 riders to investigate.

“They don’t have to be Tasmanians,” says spokesman Damian Kodgnot. “They have to visit Hobart at some stage.”

So far, there have been about 400 responses to the survey, most of which (70%) are 51-70 years old and 84.5% are male.

Preliminary results show that two in three respondents are Tasmanian, one in five are Victorian, Queensland 7%, and New South Wales and SA 2.7%. ..

About 19% visit Hobart less than once a year, 29% on holidays and 17.5% for entertainment.

Therefore, motorcycle tourism is a clear attraction of the city, with 90% bringing their own bikes, 5% hiring bikes and others buying bikes in the city.

As a result, MRAA is increasing the number of respondents on interstate highways.

A whopping 86.9% say Hobert doesn’t have enough street bike and scooter parking, and 77.8% say they don’t have enough off-street parking.

Only 1 in 5 Hobart City Council Website Map To find a bicycle parking lot, half of the respondents didn’t even know it existed.

Over 90% want safer bicycle parking at the airport. Call Hobart’s free sidewalk bicycle parking lot

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