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California drought increases the CO2 cost of electricity connected to EVs

The California drought will increase the carbon dioxide emissions of the electricity used to charge EVs, New report From the Energy Information Agency (EIA).

According to the EIA, the drought has reduced the state’s hydropower capacity by almost half compared to normal conditions, forcing California to rely on more carbon-intensive sources for more grid mixes. increase.

Hydropower typically produces 15% of California’s electricity in normal precipitation, but in a dry year, a report analyzes six California hydropower facilities, which is equivalent to 22% of the state’s hydropower capacity. Reduce to an estimated 8%.

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According to the EIA, hydropower is usually the third largest source of electricity in California. However, its availability is highly dependent on the snowfall that forms in winter. According to the EIA, the amount of snow was 40% below normal levels as of April 1.

The agency expects a decline in hydropower to increase California’s natural gas generation by 8%, increase energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in the state by 6%, and increase wholesale electricity prices by an average of 5%. increase. West.

Moving away from green energy can increase EV carbon dioxide emissions. The EV is as clean as the connected grid.However, this momentary expiration has been caused by the national power grid for more than 10 years. It’s been much cleaner.. And as the 2019 study pointed out, Midwest stands to win more With the transition from California to clean power.

San Diego Gas & Electric Substation

San Diego Gas & Electric Substation

The state has already made great strides in cleaning up the grid. California in April has a state grid Fully powered-Or almost so-depending on renewable energy.

However, on the California grid, some improvements can be used to ensure that the EV can be charged cleanly and reliably. Last year’s heat wave Prompted an alert about EV charging habits.

State top utilities also grid Requires a major upgrade Suitable for a complete transition from gasoline car sales by 2035. California drought increases the CO2 cost of electricity connected to EVs

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