BYD calls on China automakers to unite against established brands

The video went viral on Chinese social media.

Executives from BYD’s rivals posted notes of appreciation. “I feel proud for China’s auto industry!” said William Li, CEO of Nio on Weibo. “We should learn from BYD’s success.”

“Salute to BYD!” said Li Xiang, CEO of Li Auto, who reposted the BYD video. “Let us give a thumbs up to every participant in the new energy era!”

Other automakers warned the message could raise regulatory risks for Chinese brands overseas, including in Europe, where Chinese EV exports face potential anti-dumping scrutiny.

A senior executive of China’s Great Wall Motor shot back that Chinese automakers should embrace the “reality of competition.”

“At such a critical moment, how can Chinese automakers be together?” Wang Yuanli, Great Wall Motor’s Chief Technology Officer, posted on his social media Weibo account on Friday.

“If we only talk about being together but keep our bitterness in our hearts, it would be better to have the fight first.”

Wang said later he had been quoting a senior editor from China’s Auto Business Review.

In July, the industry group representing China’s automakers retracted a pledge to avoid “abnormal pricing” brokered between 16 automakers, including BYD.

The China Association of Auto Manufacturers said it recognized the agreement had violated China’s antitrust law.

In May, Great Wall said it had filed a report with China’s regulators against BYD, claiming two top-selling hybrid models did not meet emissions standards.

BYD rejected the claim and said it could take legal action.

BYD has extended its lead in China’s new-energy market, which includes plug-in hybrids and EVs, with a 37 percent share in the first seven months, up from 29 percent a year earlier.

It also topped Volkswagen brand, China’s longtime sales leader, in total sales. BYD calls on China automakers to unite against established brands

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