Borderlands: Cargo theft reduced by 26% across the U.S. in the fourth quarter

Borderlands Is a weekly summary of developments in the world of cross-border trucking and trade between the United States and Mexico. This Week: Cargo theft fell by 26% across the United States in the fourth quarter. The amount of traffic passing through Mexican ports increased by 11.3% in January. Samsara has opened an office in Mexico City. And a Texas truck driver were convicted of transporting stimulants.

Cargo theft across the United States fell 26% in the fourth quarter

California, Texas, and Florida were the states subject to cargo theft in the fourth quarter of 2021, and electronics, appliances, and pharmaceuticals were the main focus of thieves.

CargoNet, Berisk Businesses tracking supply chain thefts reported a total of 300 thefts in the fourth quarter, down 26% year-on-year, compared to 407 in the same period in 2020.

“We’ve been depressed since last year, showing that the supply chain is starting to normalize,” Keith Lewis, vice president of operations at CargoNet, told Freight Waves.

According to Lewis, one of the reasons for the decline in cargo theft in the fourth quarter is that securities firms aren’t flooded with unprecedented quantities of commodities purchased by consumers in 2020.

Instead of being hit by a gun to move 50 packages on a particular day, brokers are now moving 25 packages, according to Lewis.

“The supply chain is now moving in some way, not at the speed of light as it used to be. [in 2020]”Lewis said. “On the side of the securities company, when moving at the speed of light, when examining a carrier, etc., it is necessary to move the luggage, so I sit in the back seat.”

California tops the list of states with the most reported cargo thefts in the fourth quarter at 63, followed by Texas at 34 and Florida at 30.

Electronics were the most stolen goods in the fourth quarter and overall in 2021. The top locations for theft in the fourth quarter were parking lots and truck stops.

“Theft is on the rise. Some people left their trucks in the parking lots of shopping centers on weekends, in large stores on weekends, or in the parking lot opposite the distribution center,” says Lewis. “The truck stop was number two. This shows that people are stealing the trailer rather than stealing the entire trailer, causing a lot of theft at the truck stop.”

The numbers may be declining, but there are still a lot of cargo at risk, said Ron Green, Vice President of Business Development. overhaulA real-time visibility and risk management platform based in Austin, Texas.

“Cargo theft in Southern California continues to be a problem,” says Green.

December, Union Pacific report Robbery at a railroad facility in Los Angeles surged 160%. The theft involved an intruder boarding a train and breaking into a freight container.

In the fall three months of the intermodal peak season, UP said an average of more than 90 containers per day were at risk and more than 100 arrests were made by local law enforcement agencies and UP.

“The surge in rail services is primarily due to supply chain issues, which increase vulnerabilities due to backlogs, long-term idle freight and containers, and insecurity. “Greene said.

In 2021, Overhaul helped one of our customers recover $ 1 million worth of electronic equipment stolen in Tennessee. The overhaul also collected $ 400,000 for a consumer electronics company in December.

“For electronics companies, we’ve recorded an event in a container that opens a door, which means we have the technology to monitor in real time when the door is open or closed,” Greene said. .. “We were able to get law enforcement into that particular container within minutes.”

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Volume via Mexican ports increased 11.3% in January

The Mexican port processed a total of 650,854 20 feet worth of units in January, an increase of 11.3% compared to the same month in 2021.

According to the Secretary of the Navy, Mexico’s ports along the Pacific coast in January processed 478,526 TEU, an increase of 19.7% compared to 2021, while ports on the Gulf Coast processed 172,328 TEU, a decrease of 6.8%. Did.

The port of Manzanillo was the highest port occupying 269,185 TEU in January, followed by the port of Lazaro Cardenas, which processed 172,849 TEU, an increase of 77% compared to 2021.

Veracruz Port reported a 6.1% increase to 91,886 TEU processed in January, while Altamira Port decreased 17.3% year-on-year to 63,086 TEU in January.

Samsara opens offices in Mexico City and Amsterdam

Samsara Co., Ltd. (NYSE: IOT), The Connected Operations Cloud provider recently opened offices in Mexico City and Amsterdam to accelerate the company’s international growth.

According to the release, this extension is intended to support new and existing customers in Mexico and Europe.

The Mexico City office will be Samsara’s first expansion in Mexico. The office is expected to grow to 100 employees by the end of the year across its sales, operations and customer success roles.

Santiago Padilla, Head of Sales and Operations at Samsara, said in a statement, “We have had a significant impact on local customers such as Alianza Treect, Mexicana Logistics and Cruz Roja.”

Samsara opened its first European location in London in 2018. The Amsterdam office will be the first office in the Netherlands.

“Opening an Amsterdam office to support the Benelux region will further enhance our ability to provide world-class service to our customers,” said Philip Van der Wilt, Vice President and General Manager of Samsara EMEA, in a statement. It states.

Texas truck driver convicted of transporting stimulants

Truck driver Juan Joseph of Austria has been convicted of a plot of possession with the intention of distributing methamphetamine.

Grande Rivas of the Texas Channel View pleaded guilty to a plot in a US District Court in the Southern District of Texas on Wednesday.

The investigation began after authorities identified a refrigerated trailer carrying drugs carried to a loading dock in Laredo. Grande-Rivas later arrived at the location, lifted the trailer and departed.

Law enforcement agencies maintained surveillance throughout Oklahoma, Texas and in residential areas of Kansas City, Kansas. Grande-Rivas parked the trailer in a vacant lot and departed.

Law enforcement agencies detained him a few miles away. He had $ 30,000 when he was arrested. Grande-Rivas admitted to a lawyer who knew that the trailer contained drugs.

Authorities searched the vehicle and found that the trailer’s foam insulation contained 703 kilograms of methamphetamine.

The judgment date will be set at a later date. Grande-Rivas faces life imprisonment for at least 10 years.

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