Bollywood filmmaker Ahmed Khan imports ultra-luxury Batmobile for his wife

Filmmaker Ahmed Khan presented his wife, Shaira Ahmed Khan, with a limited edition Batmobile on her birthday. This private car is based on the classic Batmobile design driven by actor Michael Keaton at Batman in 1989 and Batman Returns in 1992.With Tim Burton

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It’s all set to reappear in the next movie, Flash.

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It caused a fuss after Shyira Ahmed Khan shared a photo of Batmobile on her Instagram page. The post gathered comments from many popular actors.

Batmobile was brought in from Ohio and the owner also shared a short video on a social media page.

Gotham City’s iconic superhero followers know that a very important part of his nightly adventure is happening on his Batmobile. And this Batmobile has been considered a classic since it was first featured in the 1989 movie. When it comes to design, this iconic model is sophisticated, and Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series has created its own cult-like followers, so even if some disagree, it truly takes Batman’s attitude. Represents. Here, the Batmobile driven by Christian Bale was created by integrating the Lamborghini Countach and Humvee and covering them with a fighter cockpit. With its huge futuristic tanker look, this Batmobile has also won a lot of heart.

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In 2022, the new Batman movie, featuring Robert Pattinson as a superhero, introduces the brand new Batmobile. According to media reports, the photo is already moving around and appears to be less aggressive than previous models. Bollywood filmmaker Ahmed Khan imports ultra-luxury Batmobile for his wife

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