Best Rooftop Cargo Boxes for 2022: Thule, Yakima & More

Theoretically, at least Station Wagon, SUV When minivan Provides lots of cargo space. But when you mix kids, dogs, and other stuff, it can become difficult to hold all your gear.The Rooftop Cargo Box is the perfect solution for increased storage capacity for skis, snowboards, and camping gear. is.It can also be a more cost effective option than leveling up Expensive full-size SUV That can be tricky in real life.

You are can Get a cheap freight forwarder, but if you travel a lot, it might make sense to invest in the best rooftop cargo boxes from brands such as Yakima Also ThuleSpend more money and you’ll get more durable and lighter materials, an aerodynamic design that reduces noise and improves fuel economy, and a simpler and safer setup process.

car compatibility and size

Mounting to roof racks, roof rails and crossbars

One of the factors to consider when purchasing a rooftop cargo box is rack compatibility. Will any cargo carrier work? roof rack, or want something brand specific? Another important consideration is size. The last thing you want to do is invest a lot in a rooftop cargo box and find that it’s not big enough to hold what you want to carry.

It’s fairly common for cars to be equipped with roof rails, but don’t confuse this with a full roof rack, as the rails primarily provide a convenient place to attach crossbars and roof racks. Some sporty cars are equipped with crossbars. Subaru The model is ready for the cargo box right out of the lot. Buy crossbars or racks from the same manufacturer as your cargo box to ensure compatibility with each other.

Don’t worry if your car doesn’t have roof rails. Several manufacturers have created adapters that allow innovative mounting options for vehicles not equipped with roof rails. These types of adapters typically use the space between the top of the car door and the roof to secure to the car.

One thing to consider when purchasing roof racks and crossbars is the weight to be transported. Crossbars have a lower weight limit than full racks, but depending on what you’re carrying, they may work just fine. Getting a full platform rack is more expensive and less modular, but it can carry a lot more weight.

size and capacity

Once you have determined how much weight you plan to carry in your cargo box, you should consider the size of the box. It’s usually measured in cubic feet, which is useful for volume, but you’ll want to dig a little deeper into length specifications as well. Be aware that it may interfere with your operation.

best rooftop cargo box Best Rooftop Cargo Boxes for 2022: Thule, Yakima & More

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