best chinos for men

In all honesty, 3 pairs of pants are enough for most men. jeans, Sweat pants and chinos.chinos are just It’s dressy enough for a date, yet casual enough for weekend errands and day-to-day work at the home office. Versatile and probably better than denim.

What is chino pants?

Chino pants have been around for nearly 200 years.longer than the commercial blue jeansbut not the old blue cotton work pants Levi’s 501s, for example. Originally known as khaki, the Hindustani word for sand-colored cotton twill fabric, the term chinos began to take hold during the Spanish-American War in the late 1800s. It comes from the Spanish word “Chinese” and is a shortened version. chino pantalon Or “Chinese trousers”.

Originally featuring slanted or on-seam side pockets, belt loops, and a wide fit, it was introduced to militaries around the world before becoming popular. Today, every brand has its own version, from the ubiquitous affordable to the esoteric.

When to wear chinos

Simply put, when you’re not wearing jeans, we are probably wearing chinos. The classic blue stand-in for her jeans can even outshine the star in some cases. It’s versatile and certainly as classic as it gets. In other words, you can wear it as you are used to it. chore coat or Refreshing, new oxfords; a polish polo or simple t shirt. The options are endless.

Chino pants vs. jeans

These are probably the most popular trousers. Some are casual, some are more casual. which is which? Well, it’s up to you. Some prefer the comfort of faded blue jeans, while others prefer firm chinos that soften over time. Jeans are more casual, says Wooden Sleepers owner Brian Davis, but chinos are sophisticated. “They fit very well boots‘, or if you’re trying to keep it casual, ‘canvas sneakers like the Sperry CVO, or loafers.”

To read more about the many cases of wearing chinos instead of jeans, read on. Our exclusive breakdown of the debate. best chinos for men

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