Like any other online or offline shooter game, FPC also requires deep attention and focus to win. That, and timing. Often it is more than just the right aim. The right shot is accomplished when the timing is correct. So, it’s obvious that defeating the enemy in a first-person shooter game requires you to have a lot of practice. The good news here is that you have tonnes of online games for you to practice your aim. Your target skills get a good pump with these.

So, you obviously need a good gaming mouse and par-excellent click speed. Sometimes it so happens that we cannot perform well enough in a shooter game because the mouse we are using is too small for our hands. You can always purchase a mouse specially made for large hands.  Also, you can check and improve your clicking speed by visiting

A little time per day, on aiming and clicking practice can take you a long way in shooter-games. We have curated a list of the best aim practice games for PC below. Get your weapon ready, and get ready to shoot!

1.   3D Aim Trainer

3D Aim Trainer is an advanced level shooting trainer that is considered one of the best of its kind. It has more than 30 games and thus, is the perfect place for someone who wishes to practice his/her shooting skills. 3D Aim Trainer easily adapts to your desktop or game settings and pushes you to improve your shooting abilities. 3D Aim Trainer is among the favourites of gamers as it provides a nice place for stimulating in-game targets at a low expenditure. It can leverage your performance in games like Overwatch, Fortnight, Counter-Strike GO, Rust, Warface, Team Fortress, PUBG, Battle Field and many more.

2.   Aim 400kg

The second in the list of the best aiming practice games for FPS on PC is Aim 400kg. It gives you fine training in aiming and shooting. We all want to be pros in aiming whenever we play a high-end adventure game. It’s always good to have some prior practice before setting foot in a serious gaming platform. Aim 400kg helps you gain that confidence. From the training of quickness to a pro-level precision, you get it all through Aim 400kg.

3.   Aim Booster

As the name suggests, Aim Booster is a platform that you must step in if you literally wish to boost your aiming skills. Aim Booster comes with multiple features and settings to allow you to practice your aim and refine it. One of the very few requirements of Aim Booster is that it asks you to turn your javascript on. It runs only with a Flash Player. You can always download the app and make the best use of Aim Booster to make your aiming skills unbeatable.

4.   Aiming Pro

If you are looking for a space to refine your aiming skills for FPS, we believe Aiming Pro could provide you with the right possibilities. Aiming Pro would guide you and also provide you with tests to have a record of your aiming skills. Aiming skills for FPS is something everyone is looking for nowadays. Signing up in Aiming Pro could be exactly what you would need.

5.   Mouse Accuracy

Mouse Accuracy is the most uncomplicated tool among these aim practicing giants. It aids your performance in gaming, and also makes other PC jobs easier and more precise for you. FPC requires precision apart from speed. Mouse Accuracy, with its customisations brings everything that would need under a single roof. You can keep alternating your target speed to get the performance of your choice.

6.   Aim Hero

Aim Hero is indeed a hero that saves you from getting embarrassed in FPC games. The tool is simple and easy to apprehend. It appears to be critical, but well it is not. No doubt it is advanced. It has gathered mouse sensitivity from high-end games like Fortnite, Overwatch, PUBG and more.

7.   FPS Game Training By Srimshady

The final player in this race of best aim practicing games for FPC is FPS Game Training By Srimshady. It’s last in the list, but not in performance. It is among the best single-shooter aim training games for FPS designed by Srimshady. You can keep practicing on this app

Final Words

Gaming is all about having the right skills and tools. You can do fine just with the skills, even if you don’t have the perfect tools. When it is a shooter-game that you want to excel in, like FPS, your aim and accuracy must be top-notch. You have the finest of aim practising games here. Try each one of them to hit your perfect match.


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