Benelli 252R Sport Bike Breaks Cover, Comparable to KTM RC200

Benelli has announced a new 252R quarter liter sport bike for the international market. Motorcycles are sold in the Chinese market for 25,800 yuan, 294,000 rupees.

China-owned premium bike maker’s new sports bike features an exterior design inspired by the new 302R.

Similar bike

Benelli Tnt600

£ 6,99,1000*Or later

Benelli 302S (HT Auto Photo)

Benelli 302S

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Benelli Nade 302 (HT Auto Photo)

Benelli Little Nade 302

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Benelli 402S (HT Auto Photo)

Benelli 402S

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The front fairing is equipped with oval headlights with scoops, vents and cutouts for a very aggressive look. There is also a very sharply designed aerodynamic tail end, giving the sport bike a very intimidating look. The bike also has enough muscular fuel tanks to hold 14 liters of fuel.

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At the heart of the new bike is a 249cc DOHC in-line 2-cylinder engine rated for a maximum output of 26hp and a maximum torque of 24Nm. For reference, the single-cylinder Jixer Suzuki SF 250 sold in the Indian market manages similar 26.5hp and 22.2Nm outputs. Needless to say, the overall output of the bike isn’t exactly spectacular, despite the extra cylinders. Transmission options include a 6-speed gearbox. The bike tilts the scale at about 177 kg, but at this weight the 252R may not be the fastest 1/4 liter sport bike out there.

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I don’t know if the bike is set to arrive in the Indian market soon. But if so, it will be a direct rival to things like the KTM RC200 and the Suzuki Gixer SF250. Benelli 252R Sport Bike Breaks Cover, Comparable to KTM RC200

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