Basemark joins AUTOSAR development partnership

Basemark, a Finnish automotive software specialist and developer of Rocksolid Core Automotive OS, has joined AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture). This is a global development partnership for automotive manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, and companies in the automotive electronics, semiconductor, and software industries. As a development partner. Other partners include BMW Group, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, PSA, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Tero Sarkkinen, Founder and CEO of Basemark, said: “We share the same vision of automotive standards that benefit the entire automotive value chain, from automakers to consumers. With this partnership, Rocksolid Core will allow automakers to create automotive applications. It will continue to evolve as a base platform. It will enable the future of the automotive industry, where the creation of new automotive platforms will be faster than ever, while significantly reducing unit costs. “

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‘)} //-> Basemark joins AUTOSAR development partnership

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