Badass Moto Gear Ultimate All Wx Waterproof Bike Cover Review

Whether you have a new or previously beloved motorcycle, you’ve spent thousands of dollars on your vehicle and polished it to your satisfaction. If you are not in a position to garage your pride and joy, you may want to cover it for protection from the elements.Concealment also thwarts potential theft in guessing games: “Is this a handsome machine in front of me, or is it a detour for some terrible food delivery?” The Badas Motogear The Ultimate All Wx Waterproof Motorcycle Cover takes on that challenge. (Note: The product name contains the word “Ultimate”, but it is not affiliated. Ultimate motorcycle.. )Badass Moto Gear Ultimate All Wx Waterproof Motorcycle Cover: PriceWe are all faced with a variety of weather problems. Here in Southern California, it gets hot and dusty. A suitable motorcycle cover should fit snugly against the breeze and provide UV protection for motorcycles left in the sun. For a good fit, use Badass Moto Gear Ultimate All Wx. Waterproof bike covers come in four sizes, from small to large. It takes care of smaller sport bikes and cruisers, from fully dressed tourers. The cover has an adjustable buckle-up belly strap that fits under the bike. To prevent the buckle from cracking when not in use each time, put it in the buckle pocket when not in use.We were lucky and we experienced some extreme winds. This is great for testing. My expectation was to face a sail-like undulating cover that was simply strapped under. However, the strong elastic bottom of the Ultimate All Wx cover was firmly anchored around the base of my motorcycle, so it stayed in place and provided protection from the dust that was being generated.Badass Moto Gear Ultimate All Wx Waterproof Motorcycle Cover: For SaleThere was no timely rain to test All Wx’s claims, so a water attack from the hose began. The result was impressive. After a 10-minute flood, I left the bike for another 15 minutes before removing the cover, but the bike remained completely dry. Bikes require some air flow in a closed space to evaporate moisture. Potential moisture issues are addressed by two vents in the Badass MotoGear cover under the shower protective hoodlet.Badass Moto Gear takes that into account because we don’t want to damage the cover itself. The windshield has a soft lining to combat wear damage when changing motos, and there is a heat shield around the exhaust area where the bike can get hot after riding. In addition, there are two hidden pockets near the bottom for storing padlocks and alarms.Badass Moto Gear Ultimate All Wx Waterproof Motorcycle Cover: MSRPA useful plus is the front-end label along the bottom edge. This avoids switching issues if you don’t know which method to use. Especially useful when you are alone. The front also shows the prominent red Badass Moto Gear logo at the top.Some commuters trust the old adage “invisible, crazy” and use it with a motorcycle cover while parked all day. The motorcycle cover is a tricky item, but the Badass Moto Gear Ultimate All Wx waterproof motorcycle cover can be easily put back in the zip-up case. There aren’t too many fights to repack it for a ride (in a pretty nasty way). Another well-thought-out feature is a reflective strip to draw attention in the dark. This prevents someone’s car from accidentally touching a motorcycle covered in a parking lot or space. After being tested in a variety of difficult conditions, all Badass Moto Gear Ultimate Wx waterproof motorcycle covers perform all missions without compromise and are easy to deploy and store.

Badass Moto Gear Ultimate All Wx Waterproof Motorcycle Cover FastFacts

Dimensions (lxh)

  • Small: 86 ”x 50”
  • Medium: 96 ”x 55.6”
  • Large: 97 “x 57”
  • XLarge: 108 “x 65”

Recommended equipment

  • Small: Sports bike up to 800cc. Cruisers up to 400cc
  • Medium: Cruiser; Small Harley-Davidson; 600-700cc ADV; 800cc and above sports bikes
  • Large: Large ADV and sports tourer.Big inch Harley Davidson
  • XLarge: Full dress tourer

Badass Moto Gear Ultimate All Wx Waterproof Bike Cover Price

  • Small: $ 90 (sold for $ 70 when the review is published)
  • Medium: $ 100 (sold for $ 80)
  • Large: $ 110 ($ 90 on sale)
  • XLarge: $ 120 (sold for $ 98) Badass Moto Gear Ultimate All Wx Waterproof Bike Cover Review

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