Azul: A BMW R80ST street tracker from Buenos Aires

The BMW R80ST stands out among the classic BMW boxers for its notable agility (at least, relatively speaking). Derived from the renowned BMW R80G/S, the R80ST inherits key features like the distinctive banana tank, scrambler-esque seat, offset mono-shock, and tightly-concealed banana exhaust. Despite being slimmer compared to its 1,000 cc counterparts, it wasn’t lean enough for STG Tracker.

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, STG Tracker, led by Marcelo Obarrio and Germán Karp, specializes in crafting aggressive street bikes. Thus, the creation of a streamlined BMW R80ST street tracker aligns perfectly with their expertise. Their objective? An agile boxer with sleek lines, a challenge they embraced wholeheartedly.

Marcelo and Germán commenced their project with a stock 1983-model BMW R80ST, but little of it remained untouched. While the main frame and drivetrain remained original, almost everything else was either custom-made, sourced from aftermarket parts, or salvaged from other motorcycles.

The engine underwent significant refurbishment, receiving a fresh coat of paint and having its fins polished for added contrast. Classic BMW ‘peanut’ valve covers were installed, and the cooling fins on the cylinder heads were carefully trimmed to harmonize with the new covers.

The airbox made way for a pair of K&N filters, accompanied by a new cover to fill the void. Carburetors were rebuilt, and carb-mounted choke pulls were added, eliminating the need for a handlebar-mounted choke lever. Stainless steel headers were fitted, leading to a single Spark muffler for exhaust.

STG’s focus was on enhancing handling and reducing weight, prompting a substantial upgrade to the BMW’s running gear. At the front, they installed robust upside-down forks from an MV Agusta F3, along with twin Brembo brake calipers and discs. A new front wheel hub was machined to match, paired with an 18” aluminum Akront rim. A carbon fiber fender completes the setup, mounted on bespoke fender stays.

STG’s expertise in CNC machining is evident throughout the build. Beyond building custom motorcycles, they design and machine bolt-on parts for various applications, evident in the beautifully crafted fork yokes and other bespoke components adorning the BMW.

The top yoke features CNC-machined handlebar clamps and houses a custom housing for a digital Motogadget dash. A handmade carbon fiber headlight shroud encases a Koso LED unit, while additional components include tapered bars, Brembo controls, Motogadget switches, turn signals, and mirrors.

The rear matches the front with an 18” Akront hoop laced to the OEM drum brake hub, fitted with Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp tires and supported by a YSS shock. A custom fuel tank and tail section blend seamlessly, sculpted with knee indents to maintain a narrow profile.

A new subframe, covered by a handmade cover beneath the seat, complements the fuel tank adorned with a pop-up gas cap and bespoke BMW roundels. The seat is upholstered in leather and Alcantara, with integrated LEDs serving as taillights and turn signals.

STG’s attention to detail extends to the foot pegs, levers, and exhaust bracket, all crafted with precision to match the aesthetic of the build. A glossy blue finish with black pinstripes, reminiscent of traditional BMW styling, completes the look, with CNC pieces clear-coated for contrast.

Lighter and visually striking, STG’s BMW R80ST street tracker epitomizes their craftsmanship. And if there’s any doubt about Marcelo and Germán’s prowess, their next project promises to be even more impressive.

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