Azerbaijan Cargo Airlines Debuts at Rickenbacker Airport

Based in Azerbaijan, Silkway West Airlines is the latest airline to fly to Rickenbacker International Airport in Columbus, Ohio. This airport is a cargo-centric airport that recently marked the arrival of the 500th passenger plane carrying cargo only.

According to Columbus Regional Airport Authorities, the first Silkway B747 freighter landed at Rickenbacker (LCK) this week under a long-term lease with Trinity Logistics USA.

Based in New York, Trinity operates one of the largest private air networks to LCK. Since 2017, Trinity President David Pereira has dispatched more than 500 all-cargo leased aircraft to Midwestern airports, providing fashion and clothing from major gateways to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Told.

Rickenbacker is the second regularly scheduled Silk Way destination in the United States. We also operate all freighters to Chicago O’Hare International Airport three times a week. Founded in 2012, Silkway operates about 250 scheduled and chartered flights each month on 15 Boeing 747-8 and 747-400 cargo ships, according to its website.

Meanwhile, LCK recently welcomed the 500th auxiliary cargo ship operated by passenger airlines. This is a notable milestone given that it is not a passenger hub.

The airline has deployed more than 2,500 aircraft in cargo-only mode to make up for some of the capacity lost by the operation of passengers who released the shutter during COVID and to take advantage of the high demand from shippers. did. Airplanes fly with cargo on very hold, but some airlines rely on cabin loading with seat cargo or seats removed. Many airports handle these types of flights, but almost all airports tend to go to passenger airports rather than alternative cargo gateways.

Rickenbacker is the only dedicated cargo airport known to have received cargo-only passenger flights.

The airport has regular auxiliary cargo ships from Emirates, Etihad Airways, Korean Air, Philippine Airlines and Qatar Airways.

Rickenbackers reach many logistics companies and all freight carriers as cargo is unloaded, cleared by customs and on its way to customers in a fraction of the time it takes at major hubs. It is becoming more and more popular. On flights with cargo in the cabin, it may take some time to unload.

Airport officials estimate that more than one million boxes of consumer goods and manufacturing parts have arrived at Rickenbacker on board a 500 passenger freighter.

LCK processed 4% more arrivals from overseas Last year, cargo-only aircraft couldn’t carry as large a payload as a pure cargo ship. However, airport officials say they expect an increase in cargo volume this year.

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