Autonomous Bullying: Aurora shows images of Toyota Sienna designed for ride sharing

Aurora, a self-driving car company, displayed an image of the self-driving Toyota Sienna, which said it was specially designed for ride-haling operations.

society I posted a blog Toyota (NYSE:TM) Sienna Autono-MaaS (S-AM) mass production prototype. S-AM is Toyota’s hybrid electric drivetrain. According to Aurora, the tests will be conducted over the next six months, “this early development fleet will mature in Pittsburgh, Dallas, the Bay Area and elsewhere.”

“We believe that the best and fastest way to build a purpose-driven design is through a constant feedback loop with our vehicle platform partners and networks. Thanks to our close partnership with us. so Uber, Toyota S-AM equipped with aurora Wide range of ride hailing experiences This will accelerate the path to commercialization, “the company wrote.

In July, the aurora Ride hailing visionIncludes a 10-year contract with Uber to access the data. This vision includes not only the development of vehicles, but also the development of tools for optimizing vehicle placement, such as pickup zones and drop-off zones.

The Toyota S-AM features the Aurora Driver system, which incorporates hardware, software, infrastructure, and development tools to create self-driving cars. The Aurora Driver system is designed to work on both commercial trucks and automobiles.

“As we proceed with the development program with Toyota, we will expand the testing of this prototype, improve it through pilots and validate it according to ours. Safety case framework It is Toyota’s own safety standard and we expect it to be launched on a large ride hailing network, “said Aurora.

According to Aurora, the car has dynamic temperature control and the rider can set the desired temperature inside the car via the Ride Hailing app, so the car arrives to pick up at the correct temperature.

Low cost vehicle

Aurora believes that a hybrid ride-hailing network of both human-driven and autonomous vehicles could result in travel costs of only $ 1 per mile.

In December 2020, Aurora purchased the Uber ATG (NYSE: UBER), The company’s autonomous driving unit.In exchange, Uber agreed Invested $ 400 million in Aurora Acquire a 26% stake. Aurora was already working on the production of self-driving trucks.

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In July, Reinvent Technology Partners Y of a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) Publish the aurora In a deal that valued an autonomous driving company at $ 10.6 billion. World truck maker PACCAR (NASDAQ: PCAR) And the Volvo Group are among the investors. Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is also an aurora supporter.

Reinventing SPAC (NASDAQ: RTPY), $ 977.5 million raised by Reinvent through an initial public offering to establish a shell company to become Aurora Innovation Inc., $ 1 billion in private investment in Public Equity (PIPE), into Aurora’s books. Includes approximately $ 600 million in cash.

Aurora is expected to receive approximately $ 2.5 billion when the business combination ends later this year.

The announcement from Aurora will be made almost two months after the day after Lyft (NASDAQ: LYFT) Announced that it will begin testing self-driving cars on the rideshare network by the end of this year.

The agreement is Argo And Ford (NYSE: F) Deploy self-driving cars with safety drivers on the Lyft network. Lyft users in the vehicle’s operational area can choose Ford’s self-driving car when possible. The first deployment will be used by the three companies to resolve operational issues when they sign a contract to place more than 1,000 self-driving cars on Lyft’s network over the next five years.

Argo AI designs self-driving technology and tests it in Washington, Miami and Austin, Texas. The company is based in Pittsburgh. Ford owns the vehicle and Argo supplies it to the driver.

The Lyft-Argo deal is essentially similar to the Aurora-Uber deal. Lyft and Argo will work together on data sharing, such as market and safety data, to define where autonomous driving technology makes the most sense to consumers. In addition, Argo uses anonymized services and fleet data from Lyft to help overcome the challenges faced by other self-driving car companies in building sustainable businesses.

As part of the agreement, Lyft will receive 2.5% of Argo AI’s common stock as part of its licensing and data access agreement.

Like Uber, Lyft built an autonomous driving department before selling it. Woven Planet Holdings,Toyota Motor Corporation, $ 550 million in cash April 6.

According to Green, Lyft has already made more than 100,000 paid AV rides since 2018. The company has worked with Motional. Aptiv-Hyundai joint venture, AV project, expecting to deploy completely autonomously Momental Vehicles in some cities by 2023.

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