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Automakers expect suppliers to meet their CO2 goals

Setting supplier procurement standards is a powerful tool for dealing with upstream emissions.

However, automakers need greater cooperation to reach their climate goals, educate their suppliers on decarbonization strategies, provide technical advice, and fund equipment upgrades. .. Experts say..

“We are trying to support [suppliers] “We have the know-how,” said Claren. “We are conducting an entire life cycle assessment of the vehicle and find that various components are very important in overall emissions.” ..

Peter Freedman, Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer of Switch Mobility Ltd., a UK-based electric bus manufacturer, says automakers will co-invest in parts factory localization and research and development of sustainable materials and manufacturing processes. Said that you can.

Friedman said at an industry conference in May that automakers couldn’t push the problem into the supply base.

“We need to take some ownership,” he said.

“We need to work with our suppliers to support their development.”

Polestar seeks self-proclaimed support across the supply chain. “Moonshot” goal To build a climate-neutral car by 2030

“I’m not saying I know how to do this, but I know I need to get there,” Claren said. “We have no choice. We consider it a business requirement.”

The automaker is working with technology start-ups, universities, governments and multinationals to find solutions to tackle climate change.

“More than 20,000 components are in the car, including electronics, rubber, upholstery, and all plastic,” says Klaren.

“Today, there is no solution for how to truly reach net zero, so we need to focus on innovation and research.” Automakers expect suppliers to meet their CO2 goals

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