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Automakers are increasing the pipeline of new models

“The very clear differences in powertrain strategies will see a huge change in market share over the next four years,” Murphy said.

Automakers are also aggressively pursuing the crossover segment, especially in the premium price range. This could weigh on the profitability of that segment over the next few years.

The survey predicts that crossover launches will account for 52% of new sales of the four models and light trucks will account for 20%.

Honda and Toyota are in the best position in the traditional exchange rate. But GM, and, to a lesser extent, VW are in a good position to invest in powertrains and deploy EVs.

Ford and GM lag behind the industry’s substitution rate, but Ford is slightly ahead of the re-accelerated product cycle.

Japanese OEMs have a volatile product cycle and focus on differentiated segments compared to other industries. Honda and Toyota lead the industry in predicting model updates, but Nissan lags behind.

According to a survey, European automakers and Koreans as a group lag behind the industry average in replacing models. Automakers are increasing the pipeline of new models

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