Australian roads devastated by floods

This summer of 2021/22 will be rainy in the eastern Australian states due to the La Niña phenomenon, and police will alert riders during floods.

What are the opportunities for a lightweight motorcycle if a large four-wheel drive vehicle can be washed away from a flooded road?

As in Queensland, “Forget if there is a flood.”

Flooded roads can hide submerged dangers such as pits and debris, and can flow dangerously fast.

It’s not the same as crossing your normal stream that you may have gone hundreds of times.

Flooded roads are unpredictable.

Remember that crossing flooded waters is not only dangerous, but it is also illegal to ignore signs that roads are closed.

Police can fine hundreds of dollars for negligent driving if the driver gets stuck over the flood waters and needs help.

NSBe cautious as it can take a long time for the flood to subside.

Click here for more information on the dangers of roads after heavy rains.

Also, be aware that the road will be severely damaged after the flood.

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The road sector has already announced that it is scanning for damage to the road network and will focus on recovery and repair from incident response as floods begin to recede and people prepare for Christmas holiday trips. ..

As a result, not only is the road dangerously damaged, but road construction delays can also increase.

Riders are encouraged to monitor regular media sources such as the SES website, police Facebook page, and Bureau of Meteorology website., NSW, Queensland Road Conditions Not only local TV and radio. Australian roads devastated by floods

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