Australian Electric Bicycle Achieves Milestone Sales

Australia’s first electric motorcycle company, FonzieHas reached the modest milestone of selling 100 electric multipurpose NKD electric bikes.

It’s nothing compared to a major motorcycle company, but the boutique electric motorcycle company has certainly become known since its inception in late 2019.

FONZ Moto is now available in all Australian states and territories, as it is now called.

Their NKDX and NKDS models are designed and produced locally after returning to Redfern, Sydney from the original Adelaide production plan for a pandemic.

Founder Michelle Nazari says the decision to bring our production plans closer to home and launch an “urban microfactory” meant we could build up to 20 bikes a month.

She says they are currently “catch up and are thinking of expanding to a larger facility in 2022.”

There are two NKD models.

  • NKD (maximum speed 100km / h, range 100km) starts at $ 10,990.
  • NKDx (maximum speed 100km / h, range 200km) starts at $ 16,990.

The NKD is driven by a mid-drive brushless motor that produces 9.6kW of output and 56Nm of torque.

You can also buy the optional Fat Knobby tires to work off-road.

Fonzie NKD

The Panasonic Lithium-Ion 3.5kWh built-in battery can be charged from flat to 100% in about 5 hours via the onboard AC main charger.

Michelle points out that NSW and ACT have abolished stamp duty on electric motorcycles and scooters this year.

“We know that the operations of all states and territories are slightly different, but it’s encouraging to see the expansion of support for two-wheeled EVs,” she says.

FONZ sources as much as possible from local suppliers within 200 km of the site to minimize the environmental footprint of the NKD manufacturing process.

“There’s a lot of greenwashing these days. It was important to procure locally and get a certification to show that we can manufacture this type of product in Australia,” she says.

Being locally made also means that each bike is custom built to specifications and the award-winning NKD series has been certified by the Australian campaign.

Michelle admits that NKD is not for everyone.

“There are many different flavors out there, but this lucky little beast is certainly spinning his head wherever he goes,” she says.

“Especially great is the support we get from people who really know us about performance.”

Michelle Nazari and Adam Kaplan, NKDS and X models

Former Australian racing car driver Adam Kaplan states that his NKD is the perfect urban attack vehicle for his lifestyle in Noosa.

“The power supply makes my pillion, I laugh every time it spouts, and it certainly can be a stable ride with a foothold, and I overtake an unprotected car uphill with 2 ups I love it, “says Adam.

Kaplan rides the NKDX using a carbon fiber body kit. He wanted the ability to carry his surfboard to the beach, so FONZ designed an integrated surf rack system. This later became a popular option for other NKD owners. Australian Electric Bicycle Achieves Milestone Sales

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