Austin Subaru eases customer service concerns with Austin Infiniti film inspection video

“It works because we’re seeing it directly from the technician,” Sandoval said. “With video, suggested maintenance and repairs become a selling point. When we send videos to customers, it’s not a hard-and-fast upsell, it’s an informational sale that we know the customer needs.

“We are happy to bring all our clients to Service Bay to show them their vehicles,” he added. “But we can’t do that. Instead, these videos bring clients and technicians together.”

Hoelscher agreed, noting that the video alleviated customers’ traditional concerns about mechanics pushing unnecessary repairs.

“They love transparency,” he said. “If you show them a broken bushing or an oil leak, they will believe it.

According to Hoelscher, one customer posted his multi-point inspection video on Reddit and got thousands of likes.

Both stores use the myKaarma automated service software platform for text message, email, and video archiving. Hoelscher said his department pays about $700 a month for services. Cost at Austin Infiniti was not available.

Video recording inspections were conducted across Subaru store departments in April 2022, following a pilot program for Express Lane technicians only. He has 44 technicians in the division, 42 service bays, and he plans to add another 26 bays, Hoelscher said.

Since April, video has resulted in an average “up” of $279 per repair order, sometimes exceeding $300 per repair order.

While the average increase in repair orders before the division went all-out on video is not available, Hoelscher said the division could see revenue from customer payments from January to October 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. almost doubled.

“We are the largest source of revenue for parts and labor of all Subaru dealers nationwide,” said Helscher. car news.

“And each videographer calculates that by November 2022, it will be worth about $868,000 in parts and labor.

“We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this kind of success without a video person,” says Hoelscher.

At Infiniti stores, which began filming multipoint inspection videos about five years ago, based on 4,336 videos, the average lift per RO for customer paid operations from late November 2021 to late November 2022 is 397. Dollars, Sandoval said. While he wasn’t able to compare that number to numbers prior to the video from a few years ago, he said he “absolutely” knew the video would make a difference.

The division employs 19 technicians and operates 38 service bays. Austin Subaru eases customer service concerns with Austin Infiniti film inspection video

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