Audi partners with Switzerland’s Sauber for Formula One

FRANKFURT/LONDON — Audi has agreed to acquire a stake in the Swiss-based Sauber Group. The Sauber Group team is set to enter the German carmaker’s F1 from 2026.

Financial details were not announced.

Sauber has been in F1 since 1993 and now competes with Ferrari engines under the Stellantis-branded Alfa Romeo name.

audiowned by Volkswagen Group announces it will enter F1 in August race Under new engine regulations to be introduced in 2026, a unique power unit will be built in Neuburg, Bavaria.

Audi Formula Racing CEO Adam Baker said:

Sauber Motorsport said in a statement that the team will continue to use Ferrari power units for the next three seasons until the rules change.

“Audi is the best strategic partner for the Sauber Group,” says Finn Rausing, Chairman of the Board of Sauber Holdings, a Swedish billionaire whose family owns the packaging company Tetra Laval.

“It is clear that we share our values ​​and vision, and we look forward to a strong and successful partnership to achieve our common goals.” Audi partners with Switzerland’s Sauber for Formula One

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