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ASA announces new regional executive director for the Five Great Lakes region

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) has appointed Mike McManus, a veteran and sales manager in the management of the association, as the new regional executive director for the Great Lakes region of ASA. The new role will take effect immediately.

In September, ASA, the oldest and largest association representing independent machinery and crash shops, leverages its extensive history to create a new and innovative association model that creates a single unified industry voice. Announced that it will be migrated.

The new model will terminate existing state affiliate contracts and introduce a regional structure of 50 states. McManus oversees the Great Lakes region, which covers the territories of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.

After earning a marketing degree from Seton Hall University, McManus has been involved in the management of renowned jeweler Tiffany for many years. After other successful sales positions, he became the general manager of the world’s largest Minutemen Press. After his children grew up and graduated from college, he and his wife moved to Wisconsin, where he joined the association management company as executive director and managed six industry associations. He was promoted several times, eventually becoming president, and continued to manage six industry groups. During the pandemic, he took a break before applying for this position.

“Mike’s talent and ability to lead many associations, his knowledge of the industry through the role of NABC, and his extensive background make him the right person to lead the region and the perfect fit for our team. Okay, Blaircarbo, Vice President of Regional Services, said:

McManus is based in Wisconsin and reports to Carbo.

“We look forward to providing excellent client service, innovative events and servicing ASA and its members in the Great Lakes region,” McManus said of his new role. ASA announces new regional executive director for the Five Great Lakes region

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