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APH Raises $ 305,000 for Adults with Disabilities

Auto Parts Headquarters (APH) An annual fundraiser for adults with disabilities was recently held, all donations were rematched by both the APH and the Bartlett family, this year’s amount was $ 305,000, and the nine-year total was $ 1.5 million. became. The funds raised will be used to support WACOSA and its day-trip program, which provides meaningful work to more than 650 disabled adults in central Minnesota.

To celebrate and recognize the many supplier partners who supported this year’s fundraiser, John and Nancy Bartlett hosted a cocktail reception and lobster dinner at home. The gathering culminated in a check presented to Steve Howard, WACOSA’s executive director.

“The impact of this amazing donation, led by the Bartlett family and APH each year, will change life in so many great and productive ways,” Howard commented. “No matter what barriers an individual has, these dollar gifts to WACOSA are the customized structural, physical, and very necessary to help people achieve one dream at a time. We provide personal support to. ”

Corey Bartlett, President and Chief Executive Officer of APH, said: “All the dollars raised will greatly help advance WACOSA’s mission. Simply put, we couldn’t be any more proud or grateful to our supplier partners.”

The annual fundraiser is co-chaired by Jay Knopick and Action Sales + Marketing. Mark Hoffman, East Pen Manufacturing; John Oster, Tall Sales; NorthPro Representative Pat Ryan; Gary Stumm, WIX Filter; and Brad Johnson, NA Williams.

Check out the presentation and the WACOSA team to watch a video introducing the dinner party. click here.. APH Raises $ 305,000 for Adults with Disabilities

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