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Alpine dissatisfied with a small reward from a fierce race in Turkey

Alpine was dissatisfied with the return of one point from the Turkish Grand Prix, admits executive director Marsin Budkowski.

Fernando Alonso passed the qualifying in 6th place and started the season’s best 5 in Istanbul, but was spun by Pierre Guthrie on Turn 1 and hit Mick Schumacher when trying to recover, a race outside the points. Limited to. Esteban Ocon reached the end of the race without stopping to score the final point in 10th place, but Budkowski said the team expected much more, given the pace the car showed over the weekend. Told.

“It was really good (pace) and it was encouraging,” said Budkowski. “Fernando is really good in this situation. Without the traffic problems in Esteban in the third quarter, both cars could have been in the third quarter. Under these conditions, it worked pretty well. It seems that it is a circuit that suits us. I think Austin should do so.

“It’s frustrating to get through very good qualifying on Friday and Saturday, run at such a good pace, get only one point and lose to the competition.”

Alpine regained points with Ocon’s bold strategy, but it was Alonso who seemed to be a good place to score before the race. Budkowski believes the Spaniards should have fought for the first podium since their comeback.

“It’s very frustrating to see where Guthrie starts P5 on the grid and ends with a penalty. This is Verstappen’s competitive level, not just P5 (Max). ) Just a few tens of minutes ahead of Verstappen (Sergio) Perez. He should have been in the mix.

“He was pushed away by Guthrie and Steward decided that Guthrie had enough space to move to the left, but he didn’t. It’s a race. He was penalized. , Fernando’s race could not be saved. Then he was involved in another incident with Mick, and therefore he was punished, from which his race was almost over. “ Alpine dissatisfied with a small reward from a fierce race in Turkey

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