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Alonso puzzled by the “strange” FIA call for Raikkonen’s move

The Spaniards remained animated during the Austin race when Raikkonen overtook him in a point battle after crossing the curb at the exit of Turn 1.

Many drivers, including Alonso himself, say he’s confused about why Raikkonen was given additional benefits in the afternoon when he had to give up the place to gain an advantage when running wide. ..

And in particular he didn’t buy the suggestion that Raikkonen just escaped the course because he was driven wide.

“Obviously it’s their decision, so we have to accept it,” Alonso said of the FIA’s call for Raikkonen’s move.

“I don’t know if I saw the whole race, but I think there was the same incident as Rand on the first lap. [Norris], On turn 12. He braked inside and overtook Sainz. Sainz went off course, regained his position, [he had to give the place back]..

“And at the end of the race, when I overtook Jobinati twice, I braked inward on turn 12, and again I took him off the track. He regained his off-track position and At that time he had to return to me.

“That is, in a sense, braking inside always forces the guy to get off the track. He promises to overtake. And they [the driver on the outside] You need to decide if they are going backwards, or you need to keep full throttle from the track outside the circuit.

“That’s what Sainz did. Giovinazzi did, I did. And you’re running full throttle off-track, so we need to make sure we’re back in position. I didn’t. That’s why I felt it was inconsistent.

“I lost like 10 seconds by doing all these things, and obviously the possibility of points was gone, but that means I’m not too angry about this. And because it’s just one place. And the rear wing broke down anyway, so the race definitely didn’t change. So this isn’t a problem. “

Alonso’s frustration with Raikkonen’s situation took place before the fierce battle with Jobinati.

But Alonso claims he wasn’t involved in those moments Alfa Romeo A driver trying to prove the point.

“When I overtook Antonio, I felt okay,” he said. “I braked very late on turn 12 and missed a corner at the exit, so when the team told me that I needed to return the position, I understood that was the right thing to do. , And it seemed logical to me because I was too late. If there was a wall there, I wouldn’t brake so late, so I took advantage of being off course to take a position. I had to put it back, so I slowed down.

“Unfortunately I lost a lot of time because I was already 3 seconds in front of him. But I understood that decision, and Geo did the same, and he told me I had to return the position. Oh yeah, with you, I went back to my original point that it felt strange.

“But I wasn’t trying to prove anything. I was just trying to get the place back. The P10 was the real target. And we clearly respect everything the FIA ​​says. . “

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