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mercedes is Give the G-Wagen the Ford Bronco treatment, branching out ‘G’ into sub-brands like AMG with multiple vehicles. The first new ‘G’ car will reportedly be a compact crossover version. Here’s what we know so far.

The new G SUV will be a unibody crossover

The new G-Class vehicle will be one-piece rather than body-on-frame like the G-Wagen.according to auto car, It runs on CLA’s new MMA (Mercedes Modular Architecture) platform. That underpins the new CLA. The G-Class crossover visually borrows from the G-Class, but rides low to the ground. It should be less capable than the G-Wagen, but likely more off-road focused than the typical Mercedes crossover.

New G SUV could get both internal combustion and all-electric versions

Here the reports are a little contradictory. auto car reports that the new G crossover will be launched in internal combustion and all-electric versions.german outlet handle brat (via motor trends) It suggests that it will be a fully electric caroffering a range of over 300 miles. auto car The electric version will feature an 800V charging architecture, claiming a 350 kW fast charger is capable of charging 10-80% in 30 minutes.

How much does the Mercedes G crossover cost?

Still do not know. A G crossover should be more of a mass car than a G-Wagen.Therefore, the G-Wagen (and Future EQG), starting at a significantly lower price point (the current base model starts at $139,900).But Mercedes reportedly Make an entry-level car more luxuriousAs such, the entry price can be significantly higher than the high $30,000 or low $40,000.

When will the new Mercedes G crossover arrive?

Mercedes has yet to announce a vehicle or specific timeline. The MMA platform will debut in his 2024. handle brat According to reports, the G-Class crossover could appear in 2026. all you need to know

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