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All kinds of watch bands needed for collection

Here’s an idea: don’t collect watches.Instead, make one or two versatile watches feel like a collection Replacing the strap.. It’s a much cheaper way to add versatility to your wristwear, and you might find it more fun.

From straps of all materials and designs to different types of metal bracelets, there are more types of watch straps than you can name and count. It’s a good idea to explore, no matter how deeply involved in the collection of watch straps, and many of us have drawers full of them, but some necessities from each of the following categories are always It’s an option to thank you for having it (so to speak).

With that in mind-and don’t forget to check the lug width of your watch and get the right size strap-your Strap replacement tool Ready: Here are some of the basic straps you need for your collection and some of your favorite examples of each type.

(But first, here are some examples of my favorite watches that look great on different straps :)


Over time, you may be more than one Leather strap This is because it’s actually a wide range of categories that aren’t really a single category at all. It is made up of different types of leather with different qualities, textures and stitches and comes in different styles. Some have rivets, others have padding and perforations. At the very least, every watch or strap collection needs a solid option for dressing up and one that has the rugged feel of those tool watches. There’s a lot to explore, but here are some basic styles to start with.


Go ahead and buy dozens of NATO straps, or other similar types of “single pass” fabric (often nylon) straps. What is the harm? Seriously, they are so cheap, fun and easy to change, it’s not a big financial commitment and you won’t regret it. If it hits your fantasy, try bright colors and patterns, but you will also want to have some basics in your arsenal. After all, NATO straps have a military origin and can provide an impressive look even in dull colors. NATO is a great way to increase the wrist presence on a small watch, as it tends to be bulky between the watch and the wrist and from the long end that pushes into the keeper.


NS Rubber watch strap It fills an important niche, and this is its ability to get wet and dry quickly. Many are designed for sweating and water-related activities, so they often give the watch a sporty or modern feel. Depending on the rubber material itself (including silicone), these bands are also very comfortable and lightweight. You can make it colorful with a rubber strap, but you can also make it more sporty instead of a watch that usually uses a classic black leather band.


Collecting leather and NATO straps is typical and fun, but you may also need an aftermarket bracelet. The best watch bracelets are often specially designed with endlinks that fit snugly into the watch case (manufacturing aftermarket bracelet options for popular watch models such as Rolex, Seiko and Omega). Companies). However, there are some types that can be easily replaced, such as straps, which look perfect at home, even if they don’t fit snugly against the case. All kinds of watch bands needed for collection

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