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AHDRA: Kyle leads Milan Dragway winner

AHDRA Southern Michigan Bike Fest
Milan Dragway, Michigan
July 29-31, 2022

AHDRA All-American Bike Drag Race brought a midsummer thunderstorm to the South Michigan Bike Fest at the reborn Milan Dragway July 29-31. Bad Apple Racing’s Tracy Kyle thundered the longest.

Top Fuel winner Kyle wasn’t the fastest dog all weekend, but he kept the candle lit across the line with every pass.

“Our motor was sore all weekend,” said Kyle. “I was the only one going down the track on all six passes, but that was probably because I was a little underpowered. ”

AHDRA Tracy Kyle

Kyle’s performance problems were the lack of a good sealing ring and the huge pistons that have plagued the class. “You know, we all suffer from this ring problem. You throw it in, come back and take out 4 quarts and you know it’s just slowing you down.

Still, Kyle’s consistency qualified him for number one with a record of 6.69 at 206 mph.

But defending Top Fuel Champion Ryan Peery found good power and bite on race day, dropping his .40 by seconds to establish himself as the performance leader.

However, Ryan’s performance only lasted about 330 feet when Peeley and Kyle met in the final. “The bike punctured first,” Peery reported. “Then I was idling the truck and the motor stopped completely. The motor case holding the keeper backed up and locked the motor. Burnt holes in the valves caused the first problem or the motor was the result of the sudden stop.

“I went down the track, but I was lucky to hurt everything that Ryan hurt in the final,” Kyle said. Consistency, reliability, and a little luck.Have a great weekend.

AHDRA Tracy Kyle

“I want to thank the truck and the owners Harold and Perry for working with us. It was more than you could get for more trucks when you got to the facility was covered with amazing trees.

“I want to thank my rivals. You can’t race without a competitor.

“And of course Mary (Tracy’s girlfriend, Mary Dunglaw, who’s also a racer). I couldn’t even go to a race without Mary now. She’s a hard worker, she’s great. John Wayne ( Stevens) nailed it, but other than that me and her started the bike and sent the truck six times and it’s not easy, it’s hard.I’m blessed with her and She’s a great rider.”

2020 champion Rich Vreeland’s bike died after burnout in Round 1, saying goodbye to Peery in that round. Billy “Jack” Jackson smoked a tire against Dr. Jimmy “Mac” McMillan in E1, who lost to Peary in Round 2.

AHDRA Jimmy McMillan

Jason Pridemore had an incredible smoky burnout before continuing his smoke show in the first 60 feet, making a rare appearance on his awesome blown bike. Curtis Heisler also created the license path.

Hawaya Racing Nitro Funny Bike Champion Michael Balch had an easy weekend with the only combination in the class this weekend. Still, the dedicated Pennsylvania racer put in a lot of work and a lot of laps.

“As usual,[AHDRA owner]Bill Rowe put on a great event with his smooth running class,” said Balch. “Milan Dragway provided us with a great surface to compete on and was a great event overall.

“My team went in there with the attitude to win.

“I had a 7.50 on my first hit on the Gainesville tune-up. I got out early, I lifted about 100-200 feet short, it was my fault, not the bike or truck.

“I couldn’t be happier with the team’s performance. John Red Lair was on the phone with Greg Dahl and Damon discussing the changes. It became a running machine.

“I feel invincible with the support of the team of Red, Greg, Damon and Matt. Give me and bless me.

Balch will soon be blessed with additional Funny Bike competition in the form of Vicksburg, Michigan’s Phil Lower riding a Mike Romine-built creation. However, on this particular weekend, Lower took the win in the Hawaya Racing Pro Fuel over veteran racer Rocky Jackson. 077 to .119 tree and from 7.78 he stayed up front for a 7.96 win.

AHDRA Phil Lower

“I ripped a lot of stuff out yesterday, but I stayed up all night to put it back together. It paid off,” said Lower on Tyler Wilson’s old bike.

“We couldn’t have done it without the crew,” continued the General Motors retiree. “Mike Romine helps with the bikes and helps maintain them. Ricky ‘Grizz’ Lee and his girlfriend Jen Worley. Lots of family here as it was a close race. Everyone worked together to get it done, and the other racers had the parts, which helped a lot.

“I also want to thank Buddy Foss and Janet Thornley. They helped me a lot. And Jack Romine too.”

A charging Charlie Douglas has a bike to consider with a decisive victory over the GMS Racing Engines Xtreme Outlaw in the All-Turbo final. 058 to opponent Dwayne “Smoky” Gee in the trees, before throwing in near-apocalyptic numbers en route to scoring 7.87 at 177.39 mph. Depending on who you talk to, this pass ranks as the best ever he’s three or he’s four Nover Harley his pass is still a new combination.

AHDRA Charlie Douglas

“I think I’m third behind Greg Dahl’s 7.62 or 3 and Andy Simon Sr.’s 7.70 of 182,” Douglas said. Next are Stacey Voorts with 7.90, Mike Mott with his 7.92 and Stefan Creta with 7.98.

Dahl claims his claim as the king of consistency with “10 passes in . 60 in two weeks in a local non-pro prep”.

“My Outlaw Xtreme turbo bike has been a very challenging experiment.

“I started the weekend without a good pass at TnT on Friday. smoked one.

“On Sunday morning I tried a different combination and burned my second clutch pack of the weekend. Going into the first round of eliminations on Sunday, I put in a new Energy One Clutches clutch and put Jesse Brown’s MaxxECU on the new 1.306 I ran an 8.10 in 60 feet and won the first round with Victor Gothai, who helped me tune and set up the clutch since late last year.

“So I had Jesse tweak the tune-up and ran a 7.873 at 177 mph in the final against Dwayne. That was my first 7-second pass.

“It was an emotional weekend for the Douglas Racing Team. Our very good friend Steve Allstedt was buried on Saturday and this win was in his honor.

“I want to thank God for keeping me safe and sane. I love my wife, Angel Douglas, for being so supportive. My father, my teammate and best friend. Helping us on the track. My nephew Jacob for doing it, thanks to the Ken Brown family for showing everyone that a Harley can run a turbo.

“My youngest daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters spent Saturday with me at the track and it was great too. My ‘brother’ Ralph also spent the weekend with us. rice field.

Douglas continues with Energy One Clutches, Axtell Sales, Dan Daffner, CP-Carrillo, JB Tech Jesse Brown, Victor Gotay, Andy Simon Sr., SA Racing Steve Allstaedt, Advanced Sleeve, HD of Lynchburg, Vreelands HD, R&D Motorsports and Joe’s. will be grateful to. Parts, Xlxbhorsepower, Chad Hart, Justin Collier.

Jason Broskey may have the best name in racing, but he definitely has a quick, well-organized all-motor bagger that stays firmly flat and planted from launch to finish line. Broski wins Street Kingz racer Reggie “Hamma” Elliott against Horsepower Inc. Pro Outlaw Bagger. 017 to . 062 in the tree, but Brosky’s kibblewhite opened and closed at a terrifying pace, giving him the win with a 9.07 to Hamma’s 9.90.

AHDRA Jason Broskey

“It’s been a roller coaster ride,” said Broski, who descended four eight-second passes in a row on Friday, which Broski said included the second and first eight-second bugger pass since 2020. “It was me and Victor Gotay on Dwayne Zee’s bike.”

Broski reported that he made no changes for Saturday’s qualifying. “After sleeping on it, we made changes for Sunday’s elimination. MPH picked up quickly and ET started to drop.”

At the dense altitude of the 2800s and at the hottest part of the day, Broski made another lap. He said 8.94, a record ET for an all-motor M8.

“We are always grateful to Ward Performance, Kibblewhite Precision Machining and Gardner Racing Concepts for their support.”

Broski finished behind Street Kingz racers and #1 qualifier Gee at the MTC Pro Comp Outlaw.

AHDRA Dwayne Gee

The Kronenberger name was ubiquitous in AHDRA winners’ circle in the 2000s, and Brad Cronenberger revived it with an 11:50 and Universal Fleet & Tire 10.90 win in Milan.

AHDRA Brad Cronenberger

A 10.90 win came against Chris Phipps in the final. Cronenberger took the tree by .032 against his Phipps and came close to numbers to boot. In the 11:50 final against Cody Rozeski, Cronenberger took the tree at a whopping .092 and managed to go well over the index for the win.

“I took a few years off[and]raced off-road dirt bikes because I was able to get my son involved,” said Brad. “When I saw them resurrect Jr. his drag bike, I decided to come back. I should put my son in there for Rockingham.

“I hadn’t raced in years, so I only signed up for the 10.90 class to have some time on the bike. rice field.

“In the 11.50 class, I ran 11.49 seconds a few times on qualifying day, so I knew I was close.

“I want to thank my wife. She is the one who persuaded me to go back there.

AHDRA Scott Thoms

Louisiana racer Scott Thoms qualified number one, won the Superstock and V-Twin Powersports Hot Rod Bagger, and defeated J. Clarks in the HRB finals.


AHDRA Kimberly DeShields

John Price wins Zippers Performance Pro Modified against George Futch, Kimberly DeShields defeats Gary Douglas in Pingel Modified final, first qualifier John Terry over Clayton Dunford Against Vreeland’s Harley-Davidson Supergas 9.90, C. Hayworth defeated Heather Vann. Super Pro 10.30 final fleet.

AHDRA John Price

AHDRA Haworth

L. Stevens defeated N. Messina in the Eliminator final on Sunday, while Stephen Lacy won on Saturday. Saturday’s Trophy class winner was he C. Tipping.

AHDRA Stevens

The coolest thing that happened over the weekend? The return of junior drag bikes and lots of laps by the Hines brothers. More of this please!

Ahdullah M. Hines

Bill Rowe and AHDRA’s next destination is Sturgis on August 7-9.

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