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After that new Integra, Acura pushes EV hard

Acura believes that EVs will account for more than half, and perhaps more than 60 percent, of that total by 2030, Corcol said. For the Honda brand, he added, EV sales targets will approach 40% by the end of the decade.

Following the collaboration with GM, Honda will introduce its own EV platform called e: Architecture. In the second half of Decade. However, Honda does not elaborate on EV investment plans, as other automakers did.

According to Korkor, Acura is in a good position to deploy electric vehicles when customers are less concerned about EV range and charging infrastructure.

“There are a lot of things that need to be resolved in the short term so far: customer anxiety, charging stations, infrastructure in major cities, the cost of BEV vehicles, incentives available in the car,” Korkor said. I am saying.

“When we look at when we launch our first BEV, we feel that the industry will mature further towards that goal,” he said. “I think our strategy is wise. It’s more calculated and more efficient by partnering with GM.” After that new Integra, Acura pushes EV hard

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