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Acura is reviving Integra

While Acura NSX Type S will get a lot of attention at the upcoming Monterey Car Week, automakers dropped another big news at the show: Integra The nameplate will be back in 2022. Acura We announced the news via drone at Monterey Car Week and used a flying machine to unveil the silhouette of the next vehicle.

Acura did not provide much information about the upcoming Integra other than confirming that the vehicle would be returned as a luxury compact car. In addition, Acura claims that the vehicle has the same driving pleasure characteristics as the older model.

“Integra is back,” said John Ikeda, Vice President and Acura Brand Officer. “We are delighted that Integra has returned to the Acura lineup with the same driving fun spirit and DNA as the original. Design, performance and overall driving experience for precision craft performance. We are fulfilling our commitment. ”

At the same time as the official announcement, Acura released an upcoming Integra front-end teaser photo. Compact cars wear Acura’s sharp headlight design with LED checkmarks as a running light. Like the original Integra, the new model has “INTEGRA” written under the headlights. The bonnet and front bumper also feature an aggressive grille and a sharp design.

At the moment, 2023 Integra.. Acura did a great job of hiding the vehicle from everyone, as leaks, rumors and prototypes are all obscured.Based on the new Integra silhouette that Acura unveiled on the drone, we don’t think the vehicle will replace the current one. ILX.. The ILX is an entry-level 4-door sedan, but the Integra looks like an entry-level sporty hatchback or coupe. The new Integra could be another vehicle that will help Acura expand its lineup of high-performance Type S vehicles.

The original Integra was launched in 1986 and was one of the first vehicles Acura was launched as an automaker. The Integra is available in both 2-door and 4-door body styles, emphasizing performance with a lightweight design and a vibrant engine.

The second generation Integra was launched in 1990. The design has been updated and the 4-door body has moved to a 3-door design to enter the new model year. In 1994, the 3rd generation model (above) appeared with an iconic design in which the Integra is known for its round headlights and drastic silhouette. In 2002, Acura killed Integra in the United States, RSXHowever, automakers have sold Integra in other markets.

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