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According to a survey, car makers have not yet disseminated information

Electric vehicles have many implications for the practical aspects of cost of ownership and environmental benefits. But once you get into one, everything changes.

As the results of JD Power’s US Electric Vehicle Study show, many American consumers still only need to ride an EV.

In a survey released Thursday, the company said that only 11% of people with no personal experience with EVs were “very likely” to consider EVs. For those who were just EV passengers, the “very likely” part doubled to 24%. For those who have driven an EV, it has risen to 34%.

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 Limited AWD

Automakers have not yet effectively communicated information about EVs to all potential buyers. Power states that nearly one-third of those who reject EVs simply cite a lack of information about EVs.

Throughout the survey, the “very likely” portion of shoppers rose from 20% a year ago to 24%.

The survey is based on 10,300 consumer responses from February to April 2022, focusing on “regional EV considerations.” Demographics; Vehicle experience and use; Lifestyle; and psychographics. “

By appealing to mass market shoppers, there is also potential intrusion for automakers. JD Power is “very likely” to consider an EV for the next car, with 37% of those who own a premium car and 21% of those who currently own a mass market model. I found that it said.

Fisker Project PEAR teaser that expires in 2024

Fisker Project PEAR teaser that expires in 2024

However, the study also noted that mass market car owners are showing “increased interest in EVs” compared to a year ago. Affordable future models have been announced. $ 30,000 Chevrolet Equinox EV And that $ 29,900 Fisker Pair Urban EV.

Charging remains an important barrier. The company says that 34% of those who say they are unlikely to consider EVs lack charging access at home or at work. Similarly, and certainly related, 27% of homeowners are “very likely” to consider an EV, while only 17% rent it.Fortunately, some selected cities, such as Seattle, have innovative implementations. Curved side charging solution It may help bring shoppers closer.

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

EV sales are the strongest in California, And Power confirmed that EV reviews are still the strongest in the West, with 31% of the region saying they are “very likely” to consider EVs. The company noted that the South is above the Northeast (26% to 22%). This probably represents Tesla’s strengths in these states and less concern about its range in warmer climates.

Surprisingly, the company also said, “Heavy road trippers, like heavy commuters, are more likely to consider buying an EV than those who don’t use a lot of cars.” Those who spend a lot of time commuting are likely to not only focus on highway EVs, but also see how significant their benefits are. According to a survey, car makers have not yet disseminated information

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