A smart helmet that can be teleported?Say hello to the future

Teleportation is a technology that people know from Star Trek and various other science fiction movies. It’s an interesting concept, but Proxgy boasts that developing a technology-supported 3D live, user-responsive environment has only recently happened.

Experience distribution companies claim to have developed smart helmets that provide assisted live experience discovery services that give users access to physical destinations around them and around the world. Does it sound like the future? hold on…

Proxgy further claims that these ultra-cool helmets provide live, immersive access to popular travel destinations, showrooms, shopping malls, real estate properties and more. Users can surf real-time locations using 6-axis stabilized hands-free streaming technology. Users can experience 360-degree to 3D experience modes. This technology has the potential to reduce the cost and hassle of physically moving.

The helmet is worn by humans Proxy Acts as the end user’s actual avatar. The entire technology consists of hardware, software, and service elements. The system comes with a gyro and joystick-controlled smart helmet that transforms the camera to provide 360-degree stereoscopic live video to the end user.

The helmet also provides triple image stabilization, eliminating end-user perspective fatigue. This allows users to experience the surroundings of Proxgy in real time from eye level.

Pulkit Ahuja, founder of Proxgy, commented on the technology and said it started as a way to meet the mobility needs that arise from Covid’s pandemic. “Since then, we have made significant progress in inventing new technologies and processes, leading to a more sophisticated ecosystem and the creation of a whole new domain of supported experiential discoveries,” he added. I added. A smart helmet that can be teleported?Say hello to the future

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