A Shareware UFL Football Simulator Has Been Announced

Strikerz Inc. studio presented the UFL football simulator. The announcement trailer was shown as part of the opening ceremony of gamescom 2021. All the fans of esoccer battle betting are eagerly waiting for the game.

There are practically no details about the game yet. The creators of the football simulator reported that it will be:

Earlier, the relaunch of the Saints Row series was announced at gamescom 2021. In the new game, gamers will have to participate in the struggle for power to build their own criminal empire, and fight street gangs that have divided the city into zones of influence.

Where to Bet on Esoccer and Other Esports?

Esports are team or individual tourneys based on computer games that include many different disciplines. The most demanded among gamesters and fans are games of the following genres:

There are also regular competitions for games that are not included in any of these categories, such as Fornite, PUBL, Hearthstone and others.

Virtual betting on esports is gaining more and more popularity among gamesters worldwide. Interest in games and tourneys is no longer limited to watching streams: a significant part of fans wants to predict the income of tourneys, and place bets on esports online. Of course, bookmakers are trying in every possible way to satisfy these growing demands. More and more reputable bookmakers include esports in the list of betting disciplines. To start betting on esports, you need to choose a credible bookmaker, register on its official site, replenish your gaming balance, and make your first bet.Moreover, you can obtain cool bonuses and promos when betting on esports. Most esports promos and bonuses are timed to coincide with major events in the world of esports, however, some companies offer permanent rewards for betting on virtual sports.


Esports betting is becoming more and more popular among the gamesters from all parts of the world. A lot of bookmakers include esports in the list of the available disciplines. The most important thing is to choose a credible portal that offers to place bets on favorable terms.


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