A new era in auto finance collections with Voicebots

Voice AI technology powered by Generative AI is solving the collections challenges of auto lenders significantly. By dialing thousands of calls in minutes, and also by answering any inbound call 24/7, the voicebot is on the way to becoming an imperative than an option, and here is why:

  • Reducing agent dependence with end-to-end call automation
  • Reducing Delinquencies with cost-effective early stage reach outs
  • Reducing the cost per dollar collected

By implementing Voice AI solutions many auto collections agencies have achieved milestone business outcomes with 2X Scale, 2X Payment Collections via Voicebot at ¼th Cost of consumer reach outs above 150% agent productivity.

Read more, download the whitepaper here.

https://www.autofinancenews.net/allposts/ai-generated-content/a-new-era-in-auto-finance-collections-with-voicebots/ A new era in auto finance collections with Voicebots

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