7 Qualities To Look For In Your Next Car

Whether you’re a car enthusiastor a first-time car owner, it would surely be good to know the things you should watch out for in a car. Rapid technological changes and innovations are adding more features and conveniences to cars, which wenever were thought possible before.

Advanced technologies have made significant strides in enhancing the safety features of cars. Also, some have solved seemingly minor distractions. You’ll get to experience some of these advanced systems when you purchase Honda cars and other modern cars. Here are some of the suggested qualities that you should be looking for each time you consider buying a car.

  1. Automatic Emergency Brakes

One of the disadvantages of driving or riding a car is the possibility of having an accident. It’s a good thing that some of the latest cars now have automatic emergency brakes. This system steps on its brake if the car is about to collide with another car or an obstacle.

The most advanced systems can even detect when a pedestrian is in its way and avoid an accident or lessen the impact. Some companies are already going to the next level with self-driving cars.

  1. Blind Spot Warning Systems

This enables a car driver to have a better sense of what’s happening around the vehicle, especially in nooks and spots which might be beyond the line of sight of any of the mirrors. The system gives off an audio or visual alert notification that another car is nearby in a blind spot and might get hit. Also, this has been proven to minimize injuries and significantly reduce the impact of crashes.

Illuminated car dashboard panel with speedometer, power meter, odometer, fuel and temperature gauge. Modern car display showing advanced driver assistance systems. Car counter in hybrid car.
  1. Rear-Cross Traffic Warning

Another advanced feature that would be nice to have is the rear-cross traffic warning system. This feature’s usefulness works best when the car is moving in reverse gear. The system signals a notification and warns the driver if the car’s sensors detect another vehicle. Also, it recognizesif an object is moving into the vehicle’s path. This is usually triggered when the approaching vehicle or object is outside the range of rear-view cameras.

These advanced features are, of course, not perfect but they’re usually functional.It also significantly improves yourdriving experience.

  1. 360-Degree Surround-View Camera Systems

Some cars have features that would be nice to have as a convenience feature. One such feature is the 360-degree surround-view camera system. Multiple cameras are used by this system. The cameras are spread around the car in the grille, in the rear-view camera, and often below the side mirrors.

You could get a bird’s eye view of the car from this system. This is quite helpful in checking for any children and objects around the car. Accidents like these often happen when the car is backing up.

  1. Automatic High Beams

This is an advanced feature that would be nice to have in your car system. This feature automatically puts up the lights into a high beam.  Also, this occurs while you’re driving when there’s no traffic. When there’s traffic, it automatically switches to low beam.

Because of this, the road ahead gets illumined better and during a time when you need it. This kind of system makes driving so much safer not just for you, but for cars you meet on the road, especially when it’s already dark.

  1. Auto-Dimming Mirrors

Another seemingconcern of drivers is the distraction from bright lights reflecting on the rearview mirror when they’re on the road. This usually happens when you’re being tailed by another vehicle, and it switches on its headlight’s high beam.

The lights are cast on the mirror and sometimes they’re too bright for the driver causing distraction, especially during high-speed driving. With this system, whenever this happens, the glass of the rearview mirror will automatically darken.This will help lessen the glare that’s causing a distraction to the driver. of driving.

  1. Automatic Music Playlist App

Like most people, those who drive their cars have their playlist of songs and podcasts they listen to almost every day. But they have to do a bit of adjustment when they drive because in the past most music players in cars aren’t compatible with cellphone apps.

Some systems still use legacy technology and system players or have their music software installed in their players. There was a time when players still used analog technology when most phones were already digital. This could cause distractions when the driver has to do something with the player while driving. To reduce this kind of distraction, look for cars where you can just plug and play your mobile device to the car.

Get The Best Car Features

Cars are constantly being improved with every edition and generation of vehicles. Some of these innovative developments have to do with the safety of driving.  Although some would be nice to have for your driving convenience and riding pleasure. But you don’t have to be stuck with the legacy systems of the older cars, especially if you’re planning to buy a brand-new car. Choose the ones which have advanced safety systems to maximize your driving experience.


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