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7.62x51mm rifle and minigun meet test for 6.8mm ammunition in polymer case

“True Velocity is an American-owned, American-based company that was launched with a single goal in mind. It provides American fighters with an unfair advantage on the battlefield. That was, “said Patrick Hogan, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at True Velocity. , Said in a statement. “The Next Generation Squad Automatic Weapons Program has given us the opportunity to do that … not only has the forward momentum with next generation features, but also Plug and Play that can be used on the battlefield today. There is a play application. With the weapons our soldiers carry in combat. “

True Velocity describes the 6.8mm TVCM cartridge as a “switch barrel feature” for weapons that fire 7.62x51mm ammunition, a NATO standard design first developed in the 1950s. This is in no small part due to the fact that the 6.8mm TVCM cartridge case is also 51mm long and is very similar in size and shape to the one used in the old 7.62mm design.Case front Is With some particular differences, a complete barrel assembly typically contains a launch chamber that needs to be resized to change from 7.62x51mm to a 6.8mm TVCM.

“What we did was basically create a round the same size as 7.62, but this round is new. [6.8mm] The round has much more energy than this round, “said Lonnie Burrow, Chief Research and Innovation Officer at True Velocity, in a recently released video.

“You’re talking about the simple thing of removing the barrel from the M240 and replacing it with a barrel that’s compatible with the 6.8 TVCM,” Hogan added. “Suddenly you increased the effective range of this weapon by more than 50% … and you gave our soldiers a meaningful advantage on the battlefield.”

For reference FN America, A U.S.-based subsidiary of Belgian cancer maker FNManufactures the M240B for the Army, Say on the website With typical ammunition, the approximate maximum effective range for point and area targets is approximately 2,624 feet and 5,900 feet, respectively. A 50% increase means that the gun can be used against targets in the range 8,850 feet away.

With all this in mind, the 6.8mm TVCM seems to be able to use many types of magazines and other feeding systems designed for 7.62x51mm cartridges with minimal changes at best.

In addition, True Velocity states that when a 6.8mm TVCM bullet is fired, it produces a pressure that is very similar to the pressure produced by a typical type of 7.62x51mm bullet. This means that guns designed to withstand the force of launching 7.62x51mm ammunition are free from the risk of exploding or catastrophically failing when firing True Velocity 6.8mm ammunition. , Normally it should work reliably. This also suggests that, in principle, 6.8mm ammunition does not cause significant wear on these weapons.

The 6.8mm TVCM round also uses a polymer cartridge case, which, according to True Velocity, is 30% lighter than the 7.62x51mm round in a brass case.Ammunition in different types of polymer cases of different calibers Under development for decadesWith advances in materials science, such designs are becoming more and more Safer And more reliable.

It is a well-known fact that the average combat load of individual personnel is increasing year by year.Ammunition in polymer cases has long lasted As one possible path This is intended to reduce the burden of carrying more ammunition without reducing the ammunition that the unit must carry or imposing additional weight penalties. By reducing the weight, you can also carry additional items if needed without increasing the overall load capacity.

The weight reduction of the 6.8mm TVCM is equally beneficial when used with guns mounted on vehicles and aircraft. For example, many helicopters need to be operated at a reduced total weight to maintain their performance in hot and humid environments. This means reducing ammunition for defensive machine guns.

“We went down Dillon AeroWe adopted the M134 revolver Minigun, which fired 6.8 through the Minigun with only a few minor adjustments to the barrel and its weapons, greatly expanding its effective range. Reduces the load. Not only for those on the ground, but also for the rotor assets, “Hogan of True Velocity said in a recently released video.

Overall, True Velocity’s 6.8mm ammunition seems to provide a relatively simple and low-cost way to improve the effectiveness of guns designed to fire 7.62x51mm cartridges. The nature of the conversion means that it should be possible to easily move back and forth between rounds so that existing ammunition can be used for operational or training purposes, as needed.

Also, SIG Sauer and Textron Also submitted their Unique 6.8x51mm ammunition design As part of the Army’s NGSW program requirements. Depending on how these bullets are designed, these companies may also offer conversion kits for 7.62x51mm guns. 7.62x51mm rifle and minigun meet test for 6.8mm ammunition in polymer case

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