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2023 Porsche Macan “Turbo EV” rendering reveals the future of German SUVs

After the successful launch of the Taycan’s all-electric 4-door, Porsche fans are looking forward to the second EV model. It’s the Macan of 2023, and although the model has been speculated for many years, I got official photos and some fascinating details from Stuttgart itself.

2 days ago Porsche Macan EV Exhibited in a mild camouflage, it has a production body for all rendering artists to ponder. Sugar Design then decided to remove the ambiguous element to preview this breakthrough. SUV..

Like the Taycan, this model uses an 800V architecture. This has proven to be perfect for bridging the gap between sports cars and EVs.It is believed that there is at least one “Turbo” version The dual motor produces a competitive 500 horsepower.

BMW, Audi and Mercedes are all equipped with fully electric SUV models. However, due to the combination of factors, it was not a big hit. The material for the German electric SUV is already there — the luxury of the EQC interior or the acceleration of the Audi e-tron S Sportback. But Macan needs to blend everything together into a Porsche-like driving package.

Macan EV Not only the way of accelerating, but also the feeling when gripping the steering wheel, it is expected to be the sportiest model in this segment. A “seatbox” system was created as part of the car’s development, allowing Porsche to study the interaction between the driver and the dashboard without the rubber hitting the road.

Porsche will continue to sell Normal Macan With a traditional engine, hopefully TDI.. We believe this is more of a major remodeling than a brand new car. How long the old Audi Q5 platform will last is very surprising and I would like to know if the 2.9 TSI will continue to power non-EV turbo models.

By comparison, the Macan EV expected in these renderings looks like a whole new product. It has a Taycan-like face and holds several air intakes and vents for the brakes. Also, its roof is shaped like a coupe, which is a bit impractical. We want those early adopters to be less comfortable. After all, Porsche needs to sell more EVs within a few years. 2023 Porsche Macan “Turbo EV” rendering reveals the future of German SUVs

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