2023 Jeep Grand Wagoneer L First Drive Review: Bigger, Stronger, More Thrifty

of the jeep Challenge to full size SUV Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer It worked wonderfully.Luxurious cabin, sophisticated driving characteristics, and very usable spaceBut the main problem is that truck It was an incredibly thirsty V8 engine. It sounds smooth and nice, but it’s not cheap or green to keep on fuel.But Jeep addresses this and, oddly enough, comes in an even larger version of the SUV. New Hurricane line with twin-turbo straight-six engineand until they drip into the smaller Wagoneer Models, I can’t help but overwhelmingly recommend the longer L breed over the shorter twins. ford, GM When Toyota.

The Hurricane 6 cylinder comes in two versions. Both have a displacement of 3.0 liters and are equipped with two turbochargers. The base version is on the regular Wagoneer L, and on premium fuel he puts out 420 horsepower and 468 lb-ft of torque, but can still run on regular. Compared to the 5.7-liter V8 it replaces, the Wagoneer L’s straight-six increases by 28 horsepower and 64 lb-ft.of Grand Wagoneer L You get a Hurricane 510 that puts out 510 hp and 500 lb-ft and requires premium fuel. This six of his is 39 ponies more than his 6.4-liter V8, and 45 lb-ft more.

These 6-cylinder engines are not only more powerful than V8 engines, they are also more efficient at moving more trucks. His two-wheel-drive V8 wagoneer gets 16 miles per gallon in city, 22 miles on the highway and 18 miles in combined driving.Finally EPA No numbers were given, but Jeep estimates the I6 Wagoneer L will make 17/24/20 mpg. That’s a 2 mpg improvement across the board on a larger vehicle. fuel consumption For teenagers, it actually saves a lot of fuel. For 4WD, the V8 Wagoneer is 15/20/17 mpg and the I6 Wagoneer L is 16/23/19 mpg with similar results.top of these numbers ford expedition Max and Chevrolet Suburban with a gas engine. Diesel GM trucks are much better, but have significantly less power and diesel Fuel cost.

Improvements from V8 grand wagoneer The i6 Grand Wagoneer L is less noticeable as the short V8 version gets 13 mpg city, 18 highway, 15 combined and the long 6 cylinder version gets 14/19/16. By the way, these are the official EPA numbers. And the EPA has revealed something interesting that Jeep hasn’t fully confirmed: a short-wheelbase Grand Wagoneer with a six-cylinder (which makes him think the regular Short Wagoneer will eventually become an I6 as well). can be used). Its configuration makes it economical up to 14/20/17.not as efficient as ford expedition maxbut it matches Suburbs It offers more power and torque while still powered by a 6.2 liter V8.

To make a long spec-packed story short, the new Hurricane outperforms the V8 in every measurable way. They are more powerful, more efficient and, for his standard six-cylinder engine, the most efficient option in the full-size segment. But what are they really like?

Well they are great. Throttle response is certainly less sharp than the V8, but just a little.and what are you Trade-in A little more throttle response and a lot more low-down torque. You don’t need to work hard to get this engine running. The turbo spools quickly and the power builds up smoothly. In fact, the entire engine is extremely smooth and quiet. Part of this is due to Jeep adding sound deadening material to the oil pan, engine block, fuel rail and even the thick dash pad. Jeep says the cabin is actually five decibels lower than his V8 model. Our ears aren’t tuned that precisely but it’s certainly quiet in the cabin apart from a very light hum when the throttle is matted his 8 speed automatic mated to these engines As for , it’s appropriately silky, but the change isn’t accurate. But it’s perfectly fine for such a comfortable cruiser.

Comparing either the standard-power Wagoneer L or the Grand Wagoneer L, the Grand Wagoneer L definitely feels a lot sturdier. But it’s a bit academic. Yes, it feels faster, but the regular one isn’t underpowered. to bring it closer to the Grand Wagoneer.

The obvious question, of course, is whether there will be a Hurricane in the short-wheelbase Wagoneer model. Well, Jeep hasn’t said it yet. But the EPA already lists Grand Wagoneer alongside Hurricane 510. We’re betting they both will get it, but perhaps as a mid-year update or for the 2024 model year. We are limiting ourselves to the latest and most expensive versions of the (longer models) and may gradually transition to shorter models once supplies run out. Stable.

Well, it’s not all about the engine. As mentioned earlier, the Wagoneer L model is, well, the long version of the SUV. It’s one foot longer than the shorter overall model and seven inches longer between the wheels. Space behind the third row expanded from 27.4 cubic feet to 44.2 cubic feet for a long, full-size GM and Ford SUVLuggage space is 88.2 cubic feet with the third row folded down and 130.9 cubic feet with the second row folded down. His GM’s SUV is ahead here, but the Ford is still small. The rows all fold down to create a flat cargo bed as well, and the 4×8 plywood fits inside with the liftgate closed.

It has a long wagoneer and good seating space. The 3rd row is the biggest beneficiary, adults can sit really comfortably (although we found that to be the case in the regular version as well. No need to move the 2nd row seat to make room for it) There’s plenty of legroom and headroom even when you’re on the boat.Access is easy thanks to the large space between the captain’s chairs.The second row is available with bench seats, but even then, outboard seats. There’s a quick slide-and-tilt lever that moves the rear out of the way, combined with the wide rear door, makes third-row access easy regardless of the seat layout.

One more note. The extra length doesn’t really affect the driving experience much. Steering is a little trickier at low speeds, the turning circle is wider, and you have to manage more vehicles, but otherwise it drives like a regular Wagoneer. It’s quiet, comfortable, and (dare I say it?) almost fun to hustle. The steering is precise, has a little feel and doesn’t lean too much. In these areas he’s better than GM’s SUV, but the Jeep comes close. The Jeep is also impressively built, with little of the wiggle and shake of his body-on-frame SUV.

And, of course, the long wagoneers have equally superbly appointed and designed interiors. The Grand Wagoneer is particularly luxurious with its real wood, leather and metal decor and high-end audio system.they’re definitely rivals for what they like Cadillac When LincolnBut even if it’s not Grand Wagoneer, it’s one rank above the basics chevrolet and Ford options.

The Wagoneer line has one final slight downside. It’s the fact that it’s a little pricey. A two-wheel-drive base Wagoneer L starts at $64,495, four-wheel drive adds $3,000 more. That’s why the Wagoneer L costs thousands more than Chevrolet and Ford options. At $93,495, the four-wheel-drive-only Grand Wagoneer L is thousands of dollars more than comparable Lincolns and Cadillacs.

There is an additional charge, but the Long Wagoneer is still highly recommended. The new engine is better than ever, both on paper and in real life. And now they’re bigger than ever, too. And none of the changes detract from the already excellent cabin and driving dynamics. With these new engines and larger sizes, the Wagoneer L and Grand Wagoneer L are arguably the best full-size SUVs you can buy.

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