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2022 Toyota Tundra Hybrid vs. Ford F-150 Hybrid

2022 Toyota Tundra The long-deferred redesign brings a whole new series of powertrains based on the 3.5-liter turbocharged V6.The most impressive variation is the range topping hybrid Which one Toyota It is called “i-Force Max”.No matter what you choose to call it, it will face you directly Ford 2021F-150 PowerBoost hybrid..Both generate over 400 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque, providing five-digit numbers. towing And a payload capacity of over 1,500 pounds. And all while saving the earth!It may not be that many, but there are certainly no downsides to having two mainstreams. Hybrid pickup truck Available.Look at their specs and how Tundra When F-150 Hybrids compare.


I chose the most basic crew cab configuration for both truck Both can be built that way using their respective hybrid powertrains (do you think you planned that way?) And provide similar physical dimensions. When it comes to powertrain, it’s a toss-up. Both are offered in either 4×2 (specified above) or 4×4.Toyota Ford You won’t notice it in terms of both power and torque, especially because Toyota’s thighs are thick. It’s 450 pounds heavier than the Ford-another win for the F-150’s aluminum body.

Unfortunately, the news doesn’t really get better for Toyota as we continue to seat. Both maximum towing and payload favor the Blue Oval, with the former favoring over 1,000 pounds. We will stipulate that more than £ 10,000 is sufficient for modern halftons. So while this looks like a complete slaughter on paper, it won’t be a big factor in the real world.


These two are virtually the same size (not surprising in this highly competitive segment), as well as the interior being about as spacious. The tundra front seats appear to be a bit wider than the F-150 in some categories, but Ford’s rear benches occupy the overall category.Neither holds the candle to the comfort provided by loading Ram 1500In the back seat, Ram will not be invited to this party until Stellantis begins sending more electricity to Hemis.

Main functions

The tundra doesn’t seem to be leading early on, but it’s unlikely that the disadvantages of the spec sheet will actually prevent it, especially in an established customer base. But there may be the fact that Toyota isn’t very interesting about its hybridity. What does that mean?Well, ford updates 2021 F-150 Except for the introduction of Pro Power Onboard, it was pretty much suppressed.

Although not limited to PowerBoost, choosing a hybrid gives you the most capable variation of this in-bed power system that can act as a mobile generator. Sure, the tundra has a 400 watt AC hookup on the bed, which is fine for tools and basic tailgating, but Ford’s system can intervene and do big things in the event of a power outage. This division offers virtually nothing to Toyota. One item remains unknown: Tundra Hybrid Fuel economy.. The F-150 checks in 24 mpg cities, highways, and combinations of them (yes, all three). Due to Ford’s weight advantage, it can be difficult for the tundra to beat.

Yeah, the company that brought us Prius It may only be hybridized by the home team. Who thought? But we believe Toyota’s loyal truck customers will gladly give the tundra the benefits of doubt, and if the actual mileage is impressive, it could be a big hit. not. stay tuned.

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