2022 Super Soko CT-3 Electric Maxi Scooter Announced

Earlier this week, Chinese EV maker Super Soco unveiled a new CT-3 maxi scooter at the 19th China International Motorcycle Trade Fair. Super Soko We have a diverse portfolio from scooters to entry-level motorcycles, and the lineup has been further strengthened with the addition of maxi scooters.

The CT-3 features twin-pod LED headlights and, as in most cases, a prominent nose cover with a short windshield. Other maxi scooters.. The tail end is also quite important, with LED tail lights and turn signals stacked vertically.At first glance, CT-3 BMW C 400 GT Gas scooter. Speaking of which, Super Soko seems to have an electric scooter from a German manufacturer, CE-04, At the crosshairs with the introduction of CT-3.

Image source: Zigwheels

The CT-3 is also equipped with the latest features expected of EVs. Zigwheels reported that the scooter has a large 7-inch TFT display that provides smartphone connectivity and reverse parking assistance. Powering the scooter is a belt-powered 18kW motor that works with a 7.2kWh battery pack, which takes 3 hours to fully charge (quite fast!) The Super Soco is the CT-3’s top speed. Has a range of 125kmph (77.6mph) and 180km (111 miles) on a full charge.

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Super Soko is a joint venture between China and Australia, selling products in multiple markets, including the United States. There is no official information about when the product will arrive on our beach, but it looks like it’s about to go on sale.

Image source: Zigwheels 2022 Super Soko CT-3 Electric Maxi Scooter Announced

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